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Guy Sebastian’s testimony is even more delayed after the jury had an allergic reaction and was taken to hospital


The trial of former manager Guy Sebastian has been postponed again after a juror suffering from a severe allergic reaction was immediately taken to hospital during a lunch break.

Less than a week after the case against Tito Emanuel Day began, NSW District Court Judge Peter Zahra was pronounced dead on suspicion of stroke.

Australian Idol winner and key Crown witness Sebastian also gave a positive result at COVID-19 after he began testifying in the case, and recently prosecutor David Morters SC also contracted coronavirus.

On Monday, Judge Timothy Gartelman announced he would take over the trial, and soon received several notes from various jury members raising concerns about future commitments.

He said he would reflect overnight as soon as he learned about the well-being of a jury member who had recently suffered anaphylactic shock.

“Then I will decide whether it is practical for individual jurors and indeed the trial itself to continue.”

The 49-year-old Day pleaded not guilty to 50 charges, including fraudulent embezzlement of money allegedly owed to Sebastian through royalties and performance fees.

He also denies 50 alternative articles on theft or theft.

The Australian singer had previously testified that Day had promised him a 10 per cent stake in his 6 Degrees campaign, acknowledging the importance he had played as a “client of the fund” in her success.

Day told Sebastian in an email exchange submitted to the court that he would also be given 10 percent ownership of Solar D, the brand of sunscreen he created.

Sebastian then took on the role of informal ambassador to Solar D, he said.

These included interviews with Kidspot, the Australian Financial Review, participation in large-scale rowing competitions when he had a sore back, and a photo shoot at the Catalina restaurant, as well as other responsibilities.

He did not expect any payments for the work because the email made it clear that he was a co-owner of the company, he said.

“There were requests for intros,” and he was often asked about Day’s character in relation to the company, so he “repulsed him”.

“He’s a good guy and I’m involved too. There is nothing to worry about, ”he reminded.

He also spoke about his foray into the European music market around 2017, succeeding in parts of Sweden and Norway.

He thought it wise to find an international agent who would help him understand how to succeed in Germany, and set up a meeting with Tessie Schultz.

Despite wanting to work with her directly, Day attended their first meeting.

“I remember I was embarrassed, I really wanted to meet Tessie alone.”

It was also delivered to the couple’s e-mail regarding royalties payments over the years.

In one email, Daya expressed concern that he did not receive commissions from a single account that directly paid artists ’fees.

“I always understood that Titus and his wife had full visibility, they were on the portal, they had logins,” Sebastian said.

“I wrote songs … the least they could do was send an invoice.”

The Crown claims that Day – who ruled Sebastian through 6 Degrees between 2009 and 2017 – robbed Sebastian of nearly $ 900,000 between 2013 and 2020.

But lawyer Day Dominique Tumi SC said his client has an answer to every accusation, and police may have been “seduced” by the artist’s high profile.

The funeral of Judge Zahra, a highly respected and one of the oldest judges of the NSW District Court, is due to take place on Friday.

The trial is expected to resume before Judge Gartelman on Tuesday morning.


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