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GWS Giants vs. West Coast Eagles odds, tips, predictions and teams – AFL 2022


GIANTS Stadium will host Sunday’s 10th round AFL game between the GWS Giants and the West Coast Eagles. The game starts at 14:10, and the GWS Giants will come into play as favorites at bookmakers. Continue reading our detailed preview of GWS Giants vs West Coast Eagles game and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 2:10 p.m.

Where: GIANT Stadium

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Odds GWS Giants vs. West Coast Eagles

Preview GWS Giants vs. West Coast Eagles

The GWS Giants will usher in a new era when former coach Leon Cameron moves from a position in the last round.

Term coach Mark McVeigh couldn’t ask for a better opponent in his first week of work with the West Coast Eagles, who are struggling at the moment.

While I think GWS should be able to take care of the Eagles, I don’t think they deserve to be favorites for $ 1.16. That probably says a lot more about the Eagles.

Update rates:

A lot of money came to the West Coast this week. Eagles reached a price of $ 6.25 before buyers began to support them. They are now in $ 4.60 and may continue to cut.

The Giants remain favorites at short prices, but the move to the West Coast will have to worry GWS fans. The Giants touched $ 1.12 this week before drifting $ 1.20.

Bet one on one

We tip GWS Giants to win in $ 1.20 chances.

The first scorer

First scoring author:

Toby Green’s $ 7.50.

GWS Giants vs. West Coast Eagles


B: A. Kennedy, S. Taylor, I. Cumming

HB: L. Ash, C. Idun, H. Periman

C: J. Ricardy, T. Green, J. Kelly

HF: T. Taranta, H. Himmelberg, B. Hill

F: Z. Spraul, J. Hogan, T. Green

FOL: B. Price, S. Canillo, K. Ward

I / C (from): J. Brander, T. Bruhn, J. Peatling, J. Fahey, J. Stein, M. Flynn, J. Wehr, M. de Boer

In: Z.Sproule, J.Hogan, J.Brander, T.Bruhn, J.Peatling, J.Fahey, M.Flynn, J.Stein, J.Wehr

EXITS: C. Hamilton, L. Keeffe (both omitted), C. Stone, L. Whitefield, N. Haynes, F. Callaghan (all injured)


B: A. Wiesden, T. Barras, J. Rotham

HB: L. Dugan, J. McGovern, J. Jones

C: A. Gaff, T. Kelly, S. West

HF: G. Clark, J. Waterman, S. Petrovsky-Seton

F: K. Jamieson, J. Darling, I. Winder

FOLL: B. Williams, J. Reden, L. Shui

I / C (from): B.Hough, Z.Trew, J.Nelson, R.Bazzo, J.Williams, H.Dixon, H.Edwards, P.Naish

In: A. Gaff, L. Shuey, B. Hough, Z. Trew, R. Bazzo, J. Williams

HIGHER: J. Cripps (illness), L. Ryan (disqualified), L. Foley (injured)


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