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H2X Global Forges Alliance with the Swedish city of Gothenburg


H2X – ​​Australian manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles H2X Global signed a memorandum of understanding with one of Sweden’s utility companies for the supply of trucks and light cars with hydrogen propulsion.

At the moment, those numbers are small, but H2X says it creates an opportunity to expand its operations in Scandinavia and become a well-known manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the region.

The purchasing company is Renova, which is owned by ten municipalities throughout Gothenburg in western Sweden. The agreement stipulates that H2X will supply them with five commercial vehicles:

  • One 18-ton forklift.
  • One 28-ton detachable truck.
  • Three trucks with a capacity of 3.5 tons.

H2X has a two-way strategy to develop and sell its products.

The first aims to develop and supply transmission systems for heavy equipment and stationary power applications

The second is in light vehicles.


H2X is an automotive and energy company based on absolute sustainability. The company is focused on the growing markets for the transportation of hydrogen fuel cells, which are emerging in key regions of China, North America, Europe, North Asia and Scandinavia.

Founders Chris and Brendan created Grove Hydrogen Automotive in 2016 in Wuhan, China, under the leadership of state-owned IGE, following a successful launch slowed by the 2019 economic crisis in Wuhan. Chris and Brendan left Grove to create a more international and sustainable company to produce hydrogen-oriented cars.

They say Chinese products targeting Prestige and Long Distance Commercial for FCEV are wrong: long-distance travel is currently disrupted due to low hydrogen compression.

H2X focuses on medium-distance vehicles (300-600 km) focused on efficient operation and profitability for commercial operators. products are concentrated in this market.

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