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Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake’s Sydney home for Vogue Living


Logie gold winner Hamish Blake and his wife Zoe Foster Blake opened the doors of their Sydney home to see the latest issue of Vogue Living, which goes on sale tomorrow – and it’s a stunning sight.

The couple’s home in the exclusive suburb of Vaucluse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is a rich explosion of color and pattern.

Photo: Anson Smart/Vogue Living

Foster-Blake said Vogue Living that she strove to find a balance so that the extravagantly decorated home never became “too much.”

Photo: Anson Smart/Vogue Living

“For me, it’s about how far you can push a room to be pleasing to the eye without feeling overstimulating—there’s a fine balance between going crazy with wallpaper, art, and rugs, and feeling chaotic, like you don’t know where to look,” she said of the house she worked on with YSG’s Yasmin Ghonie.

Photo: Anson Smart/Vogue Living

“Jasem and I are creative people and get excited easily. We had to work together to think, “Okay, how do we make this house nice without it being too big?”

Photo: Anson Smart/Vogue Living

Foster Blake last year sold its controlling stake in the skin care range she founded for an estimated $89 million, and it’s clear that serious money has gone into furnishing the couple’s home.

They bought the mansion for just under $9 million in December 2020, moving from Melbourne to start a new life in Sydney with their two young children.

Earlier this year, they added to their real estate portfolio, spending more than $4 million on a lovely home retreat in Jambera, 90 minutes south of Sydney.

These impressive photos of the couple’s Vaucluse home are even more breathtaking when you look at the ‘before’ pictures – see what it looked like when they bought it just under two years ago:

While Zoe Foster Blake may be a multi-millionaire skin care mogul these days, her husband recently revealed that reports of the couple’s recent big payday have been greatly exaggerated.

The LEGO Masters the presenter is featured in the celebrity version Gogglebox Australia earlier this year — and was shocked by a media report that claimed he and his wife were paid $500,000 to appear in the episode.

“This [report] impressed me, he said Kyle and Jackie O in April.

“[We were paid] 5000 dollars. Five, zero, zero zero.

“Everyone gets the same. There was never a conversation about money.”

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