Home Business Hancock Prospecting secures $15 million netball sponsorship

Hancock Prospecting secures $15 million netball sponsorship


“Hancock and its executive chairman, Ms. Rinehart, believe that sports organizations should not be used as a vehicle for social or political ends,” the statement said. “There are more focused and authentic ways to advance social and political causes without virtue signaling or self-promotion.

“The reality is that sponsorship is an integral part of sports organizations – from full-time professionals all the way to the grassroots level. Hancock has ensured and always will ensure that his sponsorship is spent by and for the athletes.

“There are more purposeful and authentic ways to advance social or political causes without virtue signaling.”

Hancock Intelligence

The mining company also denied reports that it required the Diamonds to wear its logo during the Constellation Cup series while playing overseas.

“Hancock would only want athletes to wear the Hancock logo if the athletes were proud to do so,” it said.

Tensions between the governing body and the Netball Players’ Association were another factor in Hancock’s decision, according to their first statement.


“Hancock and Roy Hill were not informed prior to the proposed partnership of the complexity of the existing issues between Netball Australia and the Players Association,” the statement said. “This includes an effort by the Players’ Association to secure a very significant pay increase at a time when the sport is in a financial state and unable to provide such an increase.”

Although the original agreement was withdrawn, Hancock offered a 4-month sponsorship to Netball Australia and Netball WA if their players were willing to accept it and the governing body arranged alternative funding.

Netball Australia has been approached for comment.


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