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“Hapka”: a big problem for motorists in Victoria


Victorian motorists say they are refueling their cars at gas stations across the state because recent wet weather is believed to have polluted supplies.

Morning 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell noticed an unusual surge in the number of listeners who approached him on suspicion that they had filled up with contaminated fuel after noticing that their cars were “faulty”.

Contaminated fuel can have a serious impact on a car’s engine, potentially leaving motorists with large repair bills.

Listeners who were left apart, like Warrnambool and Maryborough, reported on the morning radio show that they were having problems after refueling and huge bills for repairs.

Dyna Fuels Australia owner Ken Gracie told 3AW that problems with contaminated fuel have worsened over the past three months, with both petrol and diesel pumps hit from Mornington to Bitter.

“There’s a lot of tricky diesel fuel around it, it’s water that causes significant damage to the car’s engine,” Mr Gracie said.

Asked gasoline suppliers for comments on this issue.

Camera iconMotorists collect large bills for repairs from contaminated fuel. NewsWire / Sarah Marshall Credit: News Corp Australia

“When you get water in diesel as the water dies, bacteria start to grow in it.

“Then the fuel won’t burn, it will pass through the system, block the injectors, block the pump, and in the worst case, it can block your soot filter, which can result in a replacement of five to six thousand dollars.”

His advice to motorists who have noticed problems with the car after refueling is to visit a mechanic.

Gasoline prices continue to rise rapidly across the country, rising by more than $ 2 per liter, despite the federal government lowering excise taxes on fuel.

A temporary cut in fuel excise tax has cut prices by 22 cents under a federal budget announced six weeks ago.

Compare Market spokesman Chris Ford said Monday morning on Channel 7 Sunrise that world powers are working against motorists and blurring the effect of excise duty on fuel.

Camera iconFuel in Perth will rise to $ 2.20 a liter on Monday as global pressures cut off supplies. NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw Credit: News Corp Australia

“The US dollar exchange rate makes us pay more for oil,” Mr Ford said.

“The EU is considering a ban on Russian oil, which is further stifling supply, while demand will grow in China. As they seek to ease their restrictions on blocking Covid, there will be more people on the road. “

Prices in Perth could rise above $ 2.20 on Monday, and fuel prices are planned to rise on the east coast this week, although the excise tax on fuel is lowering prices by 20 cents per liter.

“It could be an absolute massacre in September, when the halving (excise tax) will be removed,” – said Mr. Ford.

“However, at this time, U.S. oil production will peak, so it will help supply and hopefully settle prices.”


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