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Harry Styles’ record company accused of using “dirty tricks” to make the album a success


Harry Stiles’ record company has been accused of using “dirty tricks” to win his single in a battle with Eurovision hero Sam Ryder.

Industry sources say Sony has been determined to put the track of former One Direction As It Was star first as his new album Harry’s House came out this weekend.

To help boost sales, the company released a limited-edition CD with a manual number on May 13, the first day of chart week, which runs Friday through Friday.

Just as Stiles ’website began distributing $ 4.40 limited-edition records – slightly more than a standard CD – the excitement from Ryder’s Spaceman track and his prospects for winning Eurovision the next day grew.

Critics suggest that Sony has calculated that because physical CD sales are gaining more points to reach a № 1 spot than buying streaming, they can secure victory by promoting hand-numbered CDs.

Whatever the strategy, Sony succeeded on Friday when the 28-year-old Stiles finished seventh week No. 1 – with Ryder at No. 2.


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