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Hawthorne Hawks vs. Richmond Tigers odds, tips, predictions and teams – AFL 2022


MCG will host Saturday’s 9th round of the AFL between Hawthorn Hawks and Richmond Tigers. The game starts at 13:45, and the bookmakers’ conferences will include Richmond Tigers. Continue reading our detailed preview of the game Hawthorn Hawks vs Richmond Tigers and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 1:45 p.m.

Where: MCG

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Odds on Hawthorn Hawks vs. Richmond Tigers

Preview Hawthorn Hawks vs Richmond Tigers

An interesting game this week with Hawthorn passing a good test when they perform with Richmond on Saturday afternoon.

Hawthorn will be kicking themselves for their game against Esendan, they have shown very good signs this season and if they can win back, they should rate themselves as a chance.

In the last round, Richmond won a good victory over rivals Collingwood, and the return of champion Dustin Martin pleased the fans of the “Tigers”.

However, to make sure Richmond ranks more than 7-10 this season. However, I will support them to win the G.

Update rates:

This week for Richmond it was a one-way street, all the money went to the Tigers over the Hawthorn.

Richmond opened with a price of $ 1.48, now they are falling $ 1.33 and it seems they will be hard to defeat.

The hawthorn opened for $ 2.65, but failed to bid, now they are $ 3.30.

Hawthorn Hawks vs. Richmond Tigers


B: J. Sicily, S. Frost, W. Day

HB: J. Impie, J. Screamshaw, B. Hardwick

C: C. Nash, J. Newcombe, H. Morrison

HF: J. O’Meara, J. Gunston, L. Breust

F: K. Wingard, M. Lewis, S. Butler

FALL: M. Lynch, L. Bramble, J. Warpel

I / C: D. Grainger-Barras, J. Koschitzke, F. Maginness, D. Moore

EMG: L. Schieles, K. Hartygan, K. MacDonald, D. Howe

In: C. Nash, C. Wingard, M. Lewis, S. Butler

EXITS: J. Callow, J. Ward (both omitted), T. Mitchell, K. MacDonald (both out), L. Shields (substitute)


B: B. Newon, N. Balta, D. Grimes

HB: D. Rioli, N. Brod, L. Baker

C: K. McIntosh, J. Short, M. Pickett

HF: J. Castagna, C. Lambert, S. Boltan

F: T. Lynch, D. Martin, J. Rivoldt

FOLL: T. Nankervis, D. Prestia, T. Kotchin

I / C: N. Ulastuin, I. Solda, J. Graham, M. Rioli

EMG: W.Martyn, T.Sonsie, S.Edwards, J.Aarts

In: B. Newon, D. Prestia, N. Vlastuin

OUTPUTS: R. Mansell (rejected), S. Edwards (managed), S. Stack (spare), J. Gibcus (HS protocol)


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