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“He is diligent”: John Howard “optimistic” Friedenberg can take the place of Cuyon


Former Prime Minister John Howard remains optimistic that Josh Friedenberg could take Kuyong’s place and defeat independent candidate Monique Ryan, telling Sky News Australia that the treasurer is “popular” and “well known” in his electorate.

Mr. Howard participated in the election campaign along with the Liberals, demonstrating his support and approval of party candidates.

“I just walked around the electorate with him today and he’s popular, he’s well known, he’s diligent, he doesn’t take anything for granted,” Mr Howard told Sky News Australia.

“Josh is one of those politicians who always thinks he can lose and that’s a good defense.

“You who take people for granted lose and, in some circumstances, deserve a loss, well, that will never be said of Josh Friedenberg.”


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