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Heartbeat of the Regions: take part in our poll and get a chance to win one of five eftpos gift cards for $ 500 | District News


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Are Australians living in regional areas happier than those living in big capitals? Do people in regional Australia feel more connected to the local community? And what role does local news play in bringing the community closer together? Here are some of the questions we ask in our first Heartbeat of the Regions survey, a special collaboration between Australia’s largest independent media company ACM – the publisher of this must-have – and the Center for News and Media Research at the University of Canberra. The 15-minute online survey is confidential, and individual responses will not be identified. Participants participate in a raffle to win one of five eftpos $ 500 cards. CLICK HERE TO START THE POLL. ACM chief customer and marketing director Paul Tyrell said the Heartbeat of the Regions survey was an opportunity to learn about the heart rate of 36 per cent of the population living and working in regional Australia. “As more and more people move to regional Australia as a result of the pandemic as a choice of work and lifestyle, it is more important than ever for businessmen and government decision-makers to understand national sentiment, including how people feel, their concerns and aspirations and how they stay connected, “said Mr. Tyrell.” Reliable ACM battles across the country have a large and loyal local audience, and we want to make sure we understand their needs, which are evolving so we can continue to deliver products they trust for all their news and information. ”Professor Sora Park of the Center for News and Media Research said the Heartbeat of the Regions survey would seek information on how Australians treat their well-being “News plays an important role in informing citizens to participate in society,” said Professor Park. “This study will expand our understanding of how people feel in regional Australia than they are concerned about and, importantly, how news affects citizens ’moods and sense of belonging to the community”. Professor Park will conduct the survey along with colleagues Dr J Young Lee, Associate Professor Caroline Fisher, Professor Carrie McCallum and Research Fellow Sonia Curl. Australia’s only research center specializing in news consumption, social and digital media networks, and the legal, ethical and social impacts of communication technology, the Canberra Center releases Australia’s annual national digital news report that tracks consumer consumption research as part of 46 countries. Professor Park said the Heartbeat of the Regions survey would complement the center’s other research by providing unique information about regional Australians, the needs of their communities and how they stay connected. “This survey will deepen our understanding of the role of regional news, especially in the context of people’s experiences and sentiments,” Professor Park said. “We are excited to be able to work with ACM, Australia’s most representative provider of regional and local news. For the first time, we will be able to capture the mood in regional communities and monitor them over time. ”


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