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Andre Heimgartner did not expect Brad Jones Racing to get two podiums in five rounds, but now he is looking to turn those results into a consistent top 10.

This year, Heimgartner moved to BJR from a team formerly known as Kelly Grove Racing, bringing with him a lot of optimism after his first victory in the 2021 race.

After a difficult start to life in a team with four cars Kiwi has succeeded in Perth and Winton, entering six in a row in the top 10, including two results in third place.

The results came as a surprise to Heimgartner, who now ranks 12thth in the standings of the Supercar Championship.

“I don’t think I expected that (when I arrived at BJR), but I thought there were all the tools there to do well,” he said Sunday night.

“When I first walked in the front door, I was very surprised at how good the engineering team was, in what depth of knowledge and understanding.

“We came here this weekend without thinking we had a very strong base car and it didn’t roll very well, so we had to adjust the car a lot. Every time we set it up, thankfully we were on the right track, it was getting better and better.

“We’re starting to realize what we need in a racing and qualifying car.”

Determined to prove that his form is not a flash, Heimgartner made it clear that future events will be more of the same.

The 26-year-old young man, who is hesitant to put numbers up for his goals, is more interested in maintaining harmony with his crew and # 8 BJR Holden Commodore.

“I think you can just keep trying to get better and better,” Heimgartner explained.

“It’s not so much a matter of position as a result of the car’s speed and feelings in the team and how it is set up.

“Hopefully we can continue to be in the top 10 and get that consistency.

“Consistency is what we lacked, it’s so hard to be consistent. We try to be consistent in the game at the forefront. “

The next stop on the Supercars calendar is Hidden Valley Raceway, the Darwinian Triple Crown, scheduled for June 18-19.

In addition, the Townsville 500 awaits in early July, an event that Heimgartner is looking forward to with confidence.

“I think we will go on some tracks that are historically better suited to our cars,” he concluded.

“Winton wasn’t one of those, Perth wasn’t one of them either, so to get the car the way it is now, we’re excited to go to Townsville, where the cars are pretty fast.”

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