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Heinz makes green ketchup with new eco-friendly packaging


Heinz, a major ketchup and condiment company, has announced a partnership with Pulpex to develop a new, sustainable bottle. Pulpex specializes in sustainable packaging technologies. For its products it uses fully renewable wood pulp. The new bottle, which is currently under development, will be made entirely from Pulpex’s own technology.

Heinz is committed to producing all packaging from durable, recycled or composite materials by 2025. The sauce sellers hope that the new packaging can be used for all products. This could significantly achieve the goal.

Instead of choosing the glass option, the new packaging is more durable. According to Pulpex, the carbon footprint from wood pulp packaging is less than from glass.

This is also good news for Heinz, as the company also hopes to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“Packaging waste is a problem for the whole industry and we all need to do our part to solve it,” said Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricia. “That’s why we strive to take steps to explore sustainable packaging solutions for our Kraft Heinz brands, offering consumers more choice.”

Scott Winston, CEO of Pulpex, said that “[Pulpex is] is pleased to work with Heinz to bring our patented packaging technology to such a well-known name in food, and are delighted with the potential of this collaboration.

“We believe that the possibilities of paper packaging are huge, and when global names like HEINZ adopt this type of innovative technology, it is good news for everyone – consumers and the whole planet.”

The new bottle is still in the prototype stage. This suggests that Heinz is definitely looking to bring a new product to market from sustainable sources.


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