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Help get better sleep with these international dishes


The latest sleep hack from TikTok went viral, and user Shapla Hoke (@ shapla_11) shared a unique piece of advice to help users fall asleep. It currently has over 6 million views, and the unique hint supposedly helps TikTok viewers around the world get scared!

The video advises users to soak lettuce leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes and then take out and drink the remaining “salad tea”. To improve the taste of the drink it is also recommended to add chamomile or mint flavoring.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​drinking hot salad tea (and who could blame you?), The team Here have compiled a list of international dishes used around the world and they are all recommended to help you fall asleep.

1. India – Moon Milk


Moon milk – or golden milk – is a common sleep hacker used across India. Moon milk, which is well known around the world, the classic “warm milk at bedtime”, is famous for its blend of spices and herbs that create the best relaxing drink, especially in warm climates.

Traditional ingredients are milk, cinnamon, turmeric and honey, but some recipes also suggest adding ginger, nutmeg and ground pepper.

2. China – Congee

China Congee
@ broadsheet.brisbane

In China, for those who can’t sleep, is a high-carb dish that dates back to the Zhou dynasty in 1000 BC.

Used by those who feel a little out of the weather, the dish is prepared using rice, vegetable broth, ginger, chopped green onions and soy sauce. The simplicity of the dish facilitates the assimilation of the body, allowing the body to fall asleep faster.

Stuffing, such as nuts or berries, can make a dish taste richer.

3. Great Britain – Marmite

United Kingdom Marmite

The good news for Marmite fans: a salty cake that some love but hate others can really help you fall asleep!

Marmouth can increase GABA levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter that allows us to relax and unwind more easily, which ultimately leads to better night’s sleep.

Traditionally spreading on toast, you can also add marmite to sweet potatoes, chicken or even cake!

4. Sweden – Elk

Swedish moose
@ tove.kristina

One of the most popular dishes in Sweden – meatballs made from elk!

This dish can be eaten in different ways, but it is usually served with vegetables and fried potatoes, a hearty dish for cold Swedish winters, when temperatures can drop to -30 degrees!

Moose has a lot of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that promotes our mood, behavior and sleep. Low tryptophan levels may also be associated with anxiety and depression, which are common causes of sleepless nights.

5. Japan – Tuna

Japanese tuna
@ tanakahajime.bftlabo

The people of Japan eat more tuna than any other country in the world, and also for good reason. Sushi and tuna daddy are some of the most popular dishes in the country and help residents have a good rest.

Tuna is rich in vitamin B6, which helps produce serotonin and melatonin, which are needed to regulate the sleep and wake cycle.

6. Spain – Paella

Spanish paella
@ fireside592gy

Spaniards eat their evening, as you know, late, and dinner is usually consumed around 21 or 22 pm across the country. Hearty meals are often taken at bedtime, and residents go to bed on a full stomach.

A food high in carbohydrates and protein, paella is well known to most as the quintessence of Spain’s signature dish. The dish can be prepared with seafood, chicken, chorizo ​​or vegetables – all foods high in tryptophan contribute to a good night’s rest.

7. France – Cheese

French cheese
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There is a common story of wives that cheese can cause nightmares, however the French have proven this to be a misconception.

No country eats more cheese than France. Cheese is full of amino acids proven essential for sleep as they help your body disconnect and relax when the right balance is consumed.

In France, cheese is often eaten in the afternoon, usually torn into small pieces with bread. Sometimes it is also served with salad or fresh fruit to add a unique flavor.

Cheese is also filled with calcium, which helps the body use amino acids to create melatonin.

The bottom line is that getting enough sleep is crucial to your body’s health. All these dishes from around the world should be eaten an hour or two before bed to give the body enough time for proper digestion.

Some other common foods to help you fall asleep include bananas, almonds, kiwi fruit and cherries, which can be added to a number of dishes to help you fall asleep. Or you can also try chamomile tea or pure coconut water.

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