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Heritier Lumumba records tapes, Eddie McGuire responds after the release of tapes of former player with Nathan Buckley


Former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he is “sad for everyone” amid recent developments in the Magpie racism saga and still hopes Heritier Lumumba and the club will one day be united.

Lumumba’s problems with the Magpies, McGuire and former coach Nathan Buckley were revealed in detail Monday morning through the Herald Sun, which released sections of an extensive dossier that Lumumba wanted to present to Collingwood as part of the “Do Better” reconciliation process before negotiations broke down.

Responding to allegations on SEN Breakfast, Buckley said, “I’m not going to get into the details and I won’t say that Heritier is right here, not here” – because that’s his point of view. But there are other versions of the truth that are far from how he perceives it. “

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Lumumba who still disappointed with Magpie’s treatment of defendants in past incidents racism, then posted recordings of the conversation between him and Buckley on social media – at that time a conversation was recorded that Buckley did not know about. Part of Lumumba-Buckley’s conversation focused on condemning Lumumba McGuire after the latter’s infamous radio commentary on Swans legend Adam Hood.

Buckley responded directly to Lumumbe on Twitter on Tuesday night, asking him to record full, unedited versions of the conversations.

The Do Better report shocked Sorokov and sparked McGuire’s resignation last February, ending the club’s 23-year tenure.

“I will share my truth as I see fit.” 02:23

Speaking on Channel 9 Footy Classified on Monday night, McGuire said he had not spoken to Lumumba for “five or six years” but remained optimistic that the former player would one day return to the club.

“It’s very sad … I’m sad for everyone,” McGuire said Footy Classified.

“I was very close with Heritier and didn’t talk to him other than pure love and commitment while traveling. At the moment it doesn’t mean anything – it’s not criticism or anything else, I just feel that way.

“I hope the door is still a little ajar, at some point to get Heritier back – I think the welcome mat isn’t there yet. But this is his prerogative.

“There is nothing more to say about this. The only thing I want to see in the future is if at some stage we can do everything together. “

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Despite Lumumba’s frustration with Collingwood’s reaction and actions after the publication of the “Do Better” report, McGuire said the Pies were “doing great things now” to correct past mistakes.

“The Do It Better” report was commissioned by me and our board. It was leaked, but it was going to be presented, ”he said. “The only reason why it was not presented was that there were factual errors that we wanted to correct so that no one could return it. So it wasn’t hiding or anything like that.

“The club borrowed it – and mainly because we wanted to find out what was going on … whether it was completely right from Heritier, or partially correct, or whatever, we actually borrowed it in a big way.

“(Magpies) put up everything the experts asked for. Jeff Brown’s advice has now come out and received experts from RMIT and everywhere to manage it.

Heritier Lumumba and Eddie McGuire in 2014. Photo: Wayne LudbySource: News Limited

Collingwood Football Club, I would say, now has the right systems – it’s a system part. It’s not that we did something different with someone else, we just didn’t have them like no one else. “

McGuire said he believes Lumumba will be happy to return to Pies with open arms if he decides to return to the club.

“It simply came to our notice then. Nobody tried to prove that they were wrong or wrong, ”he said. “We want this place to be happy.

“I wouldn’t want anything more than if Heritier could come back for a while so we could all look back at the 2010 Prime Minister, the years of fun that everyone spent together, the wonderful times, the highlights.

“I’ve seen a lot of people in football clubs who have been embittered for whatever reason, right or wrong, and they say, ‘Most of my life has been missed here.’

“I think if Herité shows up, he might think there are people who want to hate him. No ».


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