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Hertier Lumumba writes an explosive letter to the “ignorant” Collingwood


Retired AFL footballer Herretier Lumumba has shattered his former club’s reaction to last year’s report “Do Better” and inconsistency with a recent public statement by graduates from different cultures.

The assessment concluded that there was a culture of racism in the club, which led to the resignation of then-President Eddie McGuire.

Retired players of the first nations Andrew Kraquer and Leon Davis joined Lumumba ending all relations with Collingwood in a public statement last month.

Prime Minister Soroka accused Collingwood that he was “incapable of acting in good faith and cannot be trusted to truly reconcile with his past.”

Lumumba said that no positive action had been taken 15 months after the release of the Do It Better report.

“The club has not made even the slightest effort to reach out to the players named in the report who have been victims of racism by the club and its fans,” he said.

“Therefore, I have decided to refrain from any discussions with the Club and to refrain from participating in its so-called truth-telling process.”

The defender of Brazilian origin said that efforts to solve these problems have not materialized in any sense, and pointed to the club to cause further distrust.

“There have been a series of problematic episodes of ignorance, impudence and incompetence, as well as constant abuse of power,” Lumumba said.

“The overall tone of some high-ranking CFC figures, especially his legal team, has been disrespectful, combative and resilient to change.

“During the meeting to begin paving the way for the process of telling the truth under the leadership of the first nations, the CFC’s legal representatives were so disrespectful and culturally ignorant that the whole meeting was completely derailed.”

The alleged legal representatives of player 223 were asked to force a former teammate to perform, and he, along with Kraquer and Davis, was accused of financial motives for the club’s confrontation.

Lumumba called the couple his brothers and thanked them for their support during this period.

Collingwood has not yet commented on Wednesday’s letter.


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