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Highline receives the highest award display


Western Australia is home to the best exhibits in the country, according to the HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards 2022, held in April.

Webb & Brown-Neaves took home the HIA Australian Display Home Award 2022 for its incredibly sophisticated and modern display in Jolimont – The Highline.

“Winning an industry award, such as the Australian home with the 2022 HIA display, is not very common, it was a very pleasant surprise when it was recognized,” said Webb & Brown-Neaves CEO Jeff Hayres.

“Knowing the caliber of our team, I was confident we could win at this exceptional house in Zhalimont.

“Our designers and construction team have extensive experience in luxury design and construction, so when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, I am constantly amazed at their innovation and creativity.”

Highline boasts an incredibly unique aesthetic, including many plants in every corner of the house – both inside and out – making the house with attractive natural elements sure to win over the judges.

“The construction of this house was about expanding the boundaries of residential design,” Mr Hayres said.

“We wanted to demonstrate a modern approach to the dream of Western Australia to build a beautiful house on a narrow plot without compromising the connection with nature.

“Climate control design is the foundation of its success and includes many complex design details, from biophilia to solar energy.

“Green partitions and a courtyard facing north saturate the ground floor with oxygen, and a spectacular garden path on the roof enlivens the upper level.

“Economical plumbing, water landscape and electric car chargers all contribute to the environmental performance of the house, making the house truly beautiful and attentive, reflecting the sustainable urban life of the future.”

The Highline skillfully uses less space to include four bedrooms and three bathrooms on two floors, while the inclusion of a central courtyard seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor living.

“From the super-bronze curtain and the double-glazed facade to the courtyard and the walkway that connects the multifunctional apartment in New York, this house is truly unique,” said Mr. Hayres.

“It maximizes the potential of narrow living, meets the performance standards of buildings, as well as market trends in relation to the latest sustainable innovations and technologies.”

Mr. Hayres gave a lot of praise to his talented team, whose hard work was deservedly confirmed by the award.

“It was an amazing project that was only possible with the whole Webb & Brown-Neaves family. It takes so many talented people to revive such a house, ”he said.

“I would especially like to mention our designer Joseph Calasar and site manager Lee Payne, who worked tirelessly on this house to make it just as spectacular, as well as our incredible traders and material suppliers who went above all. so that we achieve this result.

“Without innovation and a relentless pursuit of great design and construction, we would not have the final product we make today.

“We thank the Housing Association for national recognition and congratulate all the winners across Australia, as well as all in Webb & Brown-Neaves and ABN Group, who have done more to make this Webb & Brown-Neaves dream come true.”

The Highline, located in Jolimonte, is open for viewing on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 17:00.

CONTACT Webb & Brown-Neaves, 9208 9000, www.wbhomes.com.au


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