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Lee Holdsworth leaves the Winton Supercars round happy to have found a good direction that will allow him to fight for the regular podiums as his teammate David Reynolds.

During the year the reigning champion Bathurst 1000 demonstrated an excellent race pace in the Grove Racing Mustang, however he lacked qualifications compared to his teammate.

Holdsworth explained that the team found subtle differences in his car and now found a good direction for the car № 10.

“We found that there are small differences between the two cars, if we got the same settings, that’s enough to make a difference,” Holdsworth told AUTO ACTION.

“It took us a test day to try some things that were different from their car (Reynolds).

“They’re not very different, it’s just a little setting here, a little setting there.

“We understand why both machines work, and I think they’re coping the same way now, with slightly different settings.”

This weekend, Holdsworth qualified for the top 10 in all three races, but he doesn’t want to admire the speed of one lap shown at Winton.

“I don’t want to be too sure, but I feel like we’re in a pretty good window with my car now,” he explained.

“On the day of the test, we deviated quite a bit, and found a direction, and we just kept beating it off, and the result was a really good balance, which I’m happy with.

“The car is predictable, it stays on the tires, we get good results from it, we still need a little more.

“To come out very confident and with much more confidence and a sense that we have something to build on.

“Because I was a little disappointed with where we were before with the car, but now I’m very happy with myself, Will my engineer, we have a direction, now we can keep moving forward.”

As a team with two cars, the Reynolds and Holdsworth pair of Grove Racing scored more points than any other, another great sign that the team is on the right track.

“Every round we have seen the improvement of cars and championship points, we continue to rise,” he said.

“The team as a whole, I think we won overall points over the weekend, which was fantastic. They did a great job and I think it strengthens the confidence of the whole team. “

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