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Horoscopes: May 12-18, 2022


Patsy Bennett compiled her horoscope for the week of May 12-18, 2022. Celebrity’s birthday this week – Cate Blanchett.

Celebrity’s Birthday: Cate Blanchett

May 14, 1969

Kate’s career and direction will change, and some of her new work projects will show her in a new light in the coming months. Her strong work ethic will lead to the creation of new stories and productions that will introduce her to new territory through the roles she performs. On a personal level, Kate will embrace a sense of inspiration and express this mystical quality in her daily life, combining this with the strict work schedule that led to her success.


A total lunar eclipse on Monday will begin a new phase in the area you share, such as shared finances, responsibilities or space. You can enjoy an ego boost, a compliment or even a financial improvement. The news may be unusual, but should get you on track in the big picture.


A lunar eclipse on Monday in Scorpio signals a new chapter in a business or personal agreement, especially if it’s your birthday. The news may come as a surprise or take you to fresh territory. You will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your favorite past times, travel or meet like-minded people.


You’ll enjoy an impromptu get-together or an unusual event this weekend, even if it requires a little work. You will appreciate investing in your well-being by taking daily fresh work or health. This will be a conversion week and may include a financial review.


This is a progressive week; you can do a lot. You can focus on a romance that could thrive. At the very least, your status will change in relationships or family circumstances. On Monday, a lunar eclipse will figure out your plans to improve relationships with a friend or organization.


You’ll enjoy a change of pace or venue this weekend. And if events surprise you, consider them as part of your ability to turn a corner in your personal and professional life. Monday’s lunar eclipse will illuminate the most practical way in your home and personal circumstances.


Activities this weekend can broaden your horizons, so tune in to new ideas and activities. If obstacles arise, pay attention to practicality. Creative Virgos will be in demand. On Monday the lunar eclipse begins a new cycle in your attitude towards others. Be prepared for a new deal.


You will appreciate the changing atmosphere at home, with family or someone special. However, someone unpredictable may surprise you this weekend. Consider the most practical way forward. At work you turn the corner, which can provide long-term security, but you have to be realistic financially.


Monday’s lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio means a new chapter in your personal life, so be prepared for change! The development can be amazing; negotiations can take your place. You will enjoy the opportunity to deepen your relationship with someone special and change arrangements at home. Just make sure you keep the conversations realistic and believable.


Finance and work on the rise. Tune in to move away from the past by adopting a new regime of health and work. Your weekend will be both relaxing and exciting as you will enjoy a fun event or fresh interest. Logistics may require patience, but rest assured that you will overcome obstacles.


This is a good weekend to make the changes you want, such as at home or with family dynamics. The Scorpio lunar eclipse on Monday will highlight your role in a group or with a friend. If you have been quiet in society, prepare for more busy times, and vice versa.


Be prepared to reinvent the aspect of yourself that includes your career, home, status or direction in life. Be prepared to make changes step by step. You may experience financial progress or an increase in ego. Developing a home weekend or meeting will lift your spirits.


You’ll enjoy doing something different this weekend. You may be surprised by financial or personal development. You are willing to expand your interests such as travel, study and spirituality. Key news can signal changes in personal or work arrangements and make a deal that hovered in the air.

Horoscopes May 12-18, 2022 with PATSIE BENET

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