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Horoscopes: May 19 – 25, 2022


Patsy Bennett compiled her horoscopes for the week of May 19-25, 2022. This week’s celebrity’s birthday is Jackie Weaver.

Celebrity’s Birthday: Jackie Weaver

May 25, 1947

The work of Australian icon and prolific actress Jackie Weaver knows no bounds. And until new projects appear, they will discover the best in her communication and acting skills. Her projects also bring her a sense of joy when she finds new ways to express herself through film and television. At the same time, she will not regret the decision to focus on her personal life in the coming weeks and months.


This is a great week to realize your work projects, hopes and wishes. Jupiter in Aries will increase your energy and potential, as well as over time your self-esteem and ability to catch a break. This weekend and in the middle of the week you will enjoy the meeting. Just avoid taking on more than you can manage.


Mercury in your sign from Monday to mid-June will bring communications and finance to the center. This is a good time to research and review your budget and find the best way forward. This week you will find friends, groups and organizations especially helpful, so be sure to contact.


The sun in your sign for four weeks will increase motivation and productivity. This is a great time to implement your projects and activities, because you will feel that you have the wind under your wings. This is a good time to get down to business as well as reconsider your work responsibilities and schedule.


This is a really good week for your favorite activities, so set aside time for people and activities that you enjoy. You will enjoy returning to previous places and re-communicating with friends and organizations, allowing you to rebuild a more even keel with your projects. Romance could also flourish.


This is a great week to deepen your understanding of those you love, and, if necessary, review your work or personal project so that you are happy with how things will develop in the coming weeks and months. This weekend’s news will give an insight into how best to move forward.


Traveling, studying, learning something new and broadening your horizons will all be attractive. You may even feel nostalgic and want to reconsider some of your past decisions and plans to help you get the opportunity to change their outcome. Be active and courageous; you will be glad you were.


It’s a good weekend to reconsider an agreement with someone close and come to a new arrangement. It’s also a good time to review your budget and, if necessary, figure out how to keep costs down. Take the initiative in working and working together, because your efforts are likely to pay off.


You will enjoy reconnecting with the project or the person, because as a result you will be more confident to move forward at work and in everyday life. Be active with your plans. If you are single, you can hear from the old flames or consider your circumstances. Couples rekindle passion, but should avoid controversy.


This is a good week to spend corrective work in your environment, such as your workplace, garden and community. Be prepared to change some aspects of your environment and reconsider your position, especially financially and at work, to gain more realization in daily life. Exercise to avoid fatigue.


If you clear the way for something new, your interactions with others will change. This week you may need to reconsider some aspects of your past so you can move forward without regret. Examine your circumstances carefully so as not to be tracked later. Be strong.


Opportunities will arise in connection with your direction, such as your career and status. In the process, you may need to reconsider some personal and household arrangements. This is a week to optimistically move forward, not forgetting along the way to gain expertise and advice.


Key meetings and negotiations will bring clarity to a personal, environmental or community project. Try to know exactly where you stand, especially financially. In stressful times and periods of change it is important to take care of yourself and your health, so be sure to find time for yourself and romance.

Horoscopes May 19 – 25, 2022 with PATSIE BENET

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