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Horoscopes: May 5-11, 2022


Patsy Bennett compiled her horoscope for the week of May 5-11, 2022. This week’s celebrity’s birthday is Lauren Jackson.

Celebrity’s Birthday: Lauren Jackson

May 11, 1981

Basketball star Lauren Jackson is known for her strong sense of focus and focus, and these qualities will help her succeed. Its resilience and resilience will become apparent again in the coming months after being overlooked. This is certainly a good time for self-transformation for her. Now the opportunity to do what she loves, and make every effort in all areas of her life, will change her profile.


A rich and happy Jupiter will enter Aries in the middle of the week, bringing months of growth and the opportunity to create more happiness in your life. At first you may perceive this as a busy time or a heavy workload, so take care of your health as well. This weekend promises a joyful meeting or good news.


You will enjoy a friendly weekend. Fresh ideas and options that will appear will be opportunities to improve your status. Retrograde Mercury from Tuesday will be an ideal option for reassessing the situation and drawing new conclusions about where you want to go in your life. Choose wisely.


The owner of your sign, Mercury, is turning into a retrograde mode on Tuesday, so try to get important documents on the table or signed in advance so you don’t have to review agreements later. This weekend you will enjoy the opportunity to enhance your circumstances or even your profile. Reunion can be especially enjoyable.


This weekend’s events will lift your spirits and encourage you to be more active and more motivated in life. Try to get important agreements on the table or signed by Tuesday to avoid further delays. You may be drawn to travel, study, or expand your horizons in other ways.


You will appreciate the opportunity to take the relationship to a new level as you will feel less overwhelmed with emotions and more adventurous, especially after the middle of the week. If you make key decisions at work, Tuesday’s news deserves attention. Try to complete the arrangement as soon as possible to avoid delays later.


The many planets in your relationship sector provide an opportunity to meet new people and, if you are single, meet someone special. It is likely that the partners will be more romantic and they will also appreciate entering new territory in your relationship. If you enter into legal agreements, try to sign the documents by Tuesday.


You will enjoy the feeling of progress as your daily life can improve in the coming weeks and months. So this is a good time to be optimistic about your chances of moving forward. You’ll enjoy deepening your connection with someone special this weekend, and next week’s meeting will be a testament to what’s ahead.


The recent solar eclipse has launched a new chapter that can change your daily life. You will probably feel more enthusiastic about work, health and relationships when you discover new territory with family and creative opportunities. If you agree, try to sign documents by Tuesday to avoid further delays.


Be prepared to reconsider some of your decisions and work commitments in the coming weeks, as you will have the opportunity to look at your options in a new way. You are ready to start a new, optimistic stage in your personal life that will see you in a more adventurous mood, thinking that you like.


A more optimistic and outgoing manager will begin when you are ready to finally close the door to an old pattern of behavior and accept a new experience or new relationship. You can enjoy travel and new job options, and enjoy the opportunity to reunite with those who will always be in your heart.


Be prepared to reconsider your home and family life as the recent solar eclipse has opened its doors. The stars this weekend will transport you to fresh surroundings or territory. The new approach to money and how it can serve you – unlike the other way around – will appeal to you. Be open to fresh options.


If rich Jupiter is part of your money sector, expect changes in this important area of ​​your life. If you are looking for a job, think about making your search more and more focused on a job that you enjoy or that serves a purpose. A trip to the old marina location or the opportunity to reunite with someone important will be enjoyable.

Horoscopes from 5 to 11 May 2022 with PATSIE BENNET

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