Home World “Horrifying: Erin Molan warns parents of ‘unrelenting’ online bullying

“Horrifying: Erin Molan warns parents of ‘unrelenting’ online bullying


Sky News presenter Erin Molan says online bullying is “damaging” children’s lives and parents need to understand the “terrible” impact it has at an early age.

She said parents should watch her documentary, Haters on the Internet: Erin Molan Fights Back, to learn how cyberbullying carries over into the real world.

“In my day… it was 3:05 p.m., your mom took you out, you got time off, you had time where you were with your family, where you were supported, where you were loved, where you weren’t exposed to that.” , – said Ms. Molan.

“For kids these days, it’s 24/7, they can’t escape it, and the damage that’s done is horrendous.”

Online Haters: Erin Molan Fights Back premieres on Sky News Australia on October 18 at 7pm.


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