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Horses, results, winners, odds, spread, form guide, field


Racing expert Francesca Cumani spoke to Channel Ten earlier today…

Q: Welcome back Francesca, how does it feel to be back?
A: So good. Anyway, it feels like I haven’t been away. But anyway, so much has changed and to have two Melbourne Cups without anyone is something that will never happen. But it’s good to be back and see you guys here and see everyone who loves racing come back.

Q: We need your expertise. Ok let’s talk about the big race today, Luna Flare is running late scratches, how does this affect the race and our likely winners?
A: It has moved to a field of 22 horses, so there will be a little less traffic during the run. It’s a shame she’s out because she was one of my biggest chances to win and Lunar Flare’s connections are amazing. It doesn’t have much effect, but it will still be a very good race.

Q: The showers may start around two o’clock today. What difference will a wet track make?
A: We think and expect a little rain, but will it happen? We look at the shape and it doesn’t have a heavy track shape. If he comes in very late, he shouldn’t hit the ground, and horses that have been in previous races won’t have a chance to open the ground, so probably won’t be too overbearing later on.

Q: Are there any good odds on the horses outside of the favorites?
A: This year I have highlighted the ones that are closest to the top of the market. As a bigger prize, I’d like to see Smokin’ Romans by Jamie Kah.


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