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How can you start a beauty procedure without waste


Zero waste means zero waste production. From plastic packaging to non-recyclable bottles and toothbrushes, much of our daily skin routine produces garbage.

Did you know that every year the world recycles 5 BILLION toothbrushes? Hygiene is important, but how can we change our habits to improve the environment and our impact on the land?

Here are some of our tips to change your beauty routine, and some waste-free products that we love!

1. Swap disposable products

Disposable products are terrible for the environment! They can only be used for a few minutes, but their impact on the environment can last for thousands of years! So what can you do instead? Actively look for alternative products that you can use for reuse, composting or recycling, and share your new found products with friends and family so they can also help make a difference.

Bamboo toothbrush for flora and fauna

Bamboo toothbrushes are a great replacement for disposable toothbrushes. The Flora & Fauna range of toothbrushes, made from biodegradable and recycled materials, is an amazing waste-free alternative.

Elate Refresh Foundation

Thanks to the herbal formula and compostable packaging that is recyclable, Elate’s Refresh Foundation is an excellent alternative to the mass of chemical-based plastic foundations that fill our market.

2. Use rags that can be washed

Instead of using disposable wipes or cotton pads, choose a reusable fabric that can be washed to remove makeup and wash your face. Less garbage is one of the easiest ways to reduce the environment and be more sustainable!

Reusable Organic Cotton Napkins Marley’s Monsters

Made from 100% organic cotton, these wipes are very soft for your skin. Use them to remove makeup and just wash them and they are ready to use again!

3. Recycle and say “no” to the packaging.

From plastic film to non-recyclable boxes, many of the products we purchase have unnecessary disposable packaging. Instead, choose products that do not use packaging, or instead use recyclable packaging that is composted, and find ways to reduce the amount of packaging you consume.

Lush Shampoo Bar

With ingredients that cleanse, invigorate and soothe your hair, Lush Shampoo is the perfect alternative to a waste-free liquid shampoo. Why not purchase an Lush air conditioner as well?

Wanderlightly Vegan Deodorant Balm

Wanderlightly has created a vegan deodorant balm without hardness that neutralizes odors, creating zero waste with compostable and 100% recycled paper tubes.

Vegan Lip Balm River Organics

River Organics has developed a plant-based lip balm that moisturizes and protects your lips. In an environmentally friendly paper tube, this cosmetic product is a waste-free lip balm and a great addition to your makeup collection.

4. Change your thinking!

Changing your routine can be difficult, but you can make it easier by discovering yourself in a new way of looking at things! A waste-free beauty routine begins with a desire to change.

Caring for the environment and protecting it is more important than ever. So why not change your beauty routine with these simple alternatives and tips to create a waste-free lifestyle!

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