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How important is trust? – UN


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Sounds like a simple matter? Of course, trust is important. How important, however, is to say car repair or the tire business?

You probably think, “I’m trustworthy. I’m doing it right. I don’t rip people off. What else do you need to know?
Well, actually a lot.

Customers come to you because they trust you. Think about it. They hope that you will provide the services you have undertaken and that they will be performed to the appropriate standards, for example, according to the journal.
They don’t know you will do it. They believe you will.
Rather, they trust a member of your team, Mary, who accepted their call.
And why would they trust Mary if they don’t trust her? Well, it turns out that’s exactly what we humans do. Trust is our default state. We have evolved so much. If our ancestors did not trust, they would never have created communities and created societies. We would not have evolved.

Think about how much you take for granted, food, water, electricity, traffic lights, etc. We believe these things will work. We don’t walk without trusting, We just couldn’t work if we did. Except…

There are some things we don’t trust by default. As sellers. Why is that? Well, let’s see what trust is. The trust equation is a good model:

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