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How much is $20,000 worth invested in these ASX shares 10 years ago?


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I am a big fan of buy and hold investing and believe it is the best way for investors to grow their wealth.

In light of this, to demonstrate how successful this can be, I occasionally like to pick a few popular ASX stocks to see what a single $20,000 investment would have been worth 10 years ago.

This time I have selected two ASX stocks listed below:

Breville Group Ltd (ASX: BRG)

It may not be an exciting tech stock, but this home appliance maker has excited its shareholders with great returns over the past decade. This was driven by Breville’s consistently strong sales and profit growth, underpinned by the company’s continued investment in research and development, some high-quality acquisitions and its continued global expansion.

Over the past decade, Breville stock has thoroughly outperformed the market with an average total return of 16.1% per year. That would turn a $20,000 investment into a whopping $89,000 today.

Corporate Travel Management Ltd (ASX: CTD)

This corporate travel specialist has been a great investment destination for the past decade. During that time, Corporate Travel Management has grown from a small, largely overlooked shop to one of the industry leaders.

This has led to significant growth in revenue and profits, resulting in exceptionally high returns for its lucky shareholders. And this despite the fact that its shares are trading far from their pre-COVID highs. Since then, in 2012, Corporate Travel Management’s shares have produced an average total return of 23.4% per annum. Today, that would turn a $20,000 investment into a whopping $164,000.


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