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How to clean old pots and pans: Aussie’s sparkling results after using a $10 ‘miracle’ item


A woman revitalized an old frying pan effortlessly with a £9.95 cleaning product, without the need for extensive scrubbing.

Christina, from the Australian lifestyle blog Mr and Mrs Romance, demonstrated in a video how she restored the pan’s bottom by using The Pink Stuff. The viral cleaning paste was applied generously to a dishwashing sponge, which she then used to gently rub away burnt-on grease and grime in circular motions. Within minutes, stubborn stains vanished, and she finished by polishing the surface with a dry cloth, revealing the pan’s original sparkling stainless steel.

The transformation was showcased in a video where Christina cleaned one half of the pan, highlighting the dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ results. The Pink Stuff, a mild abrasive paste cleaner, is readily available from Clean HQ, Coles, or Bunnings Warehouse. Praised for its effectiveness, the non-toxic product has garnered nearly perfect five-star ratings, with enthusiastic reviews from many Australians.

Customers have lauded its ability to exceed expectations in removing tough stains, with one saying, “It truly lives up to its name as a miracle cleansing paste.” Another exclaimed, “OMG! I’m obsessed—it’s absolutely amazing,” while praising its performance on showers, sinks, and drain covers. Users have also found it invaluable for removing rust stains on various surfaces, including stainless steel fridges and stone countertops.

Christina’s use of The Pink Stuff has resonated widely, showcasing its remarkable cleaning power and affirming its status as a must-have cleaning tool for household chores.