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How to Quickly Delete Duplicate iPhone Contacts


Managing duplicate contacts across your Apple devices can be a hassle, but there are several methods to streamline the process and ensure your address book remains organized.

Delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone

iOS now offers a convenient feature to identify and merge duplicate contacts directly on your iPhone. Simply open the Contacts app, scroll to the top, and if duplicates are detected, you’ll see a prompt to view them. Tap “View Duplicates” and select “Merge All” to resolve duplicates effortlessly.

Delete duplicates using the Contacts app on a Mac

Mac users can utilize the Contacts app to eliminate duplicate iCloud address book entries. Ensure iCloud contacts sync with your Mac by checking settings under System Preferences > Apple ID. Open the Contacts app, navigate to “Card” in the menu bar, and select “Look for Duplicates” to identify and merge duplicate entries efficiently.

Manually select and delete duplicates on iCloud.com

For users preferring a web-based solution, iCloud.com offers the option to manually select and remove duplicate contacts. Sign in to iCloud.com on a desktop or laptop, access the Contacts section, and use the command/control key to select duplicate entries. Press “Delete” to remove them, confirming the action when prompted.

Use Gmail to delete duplicate iCloud contacts

Exporting iCloud contacts to Gmail allows for efficient duplicate removal using Google’s automated tools. Export all contacts from iCloud as a .vcf file and import them into Google Contacts. Google’s merging feature helps identify and resolve duplicates swiftly. Once merged, export the cleaned contacts and import them back into iCloud to finalize the process.

By employing these methods, you can effectively manage duplicate contacts across your Apple devices and maintain a clutter-free address book.