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How to save on living with groceries District News


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As inflation reaches a 20-year high, the cost of groceries soars to such an extent that chicken nuggets are cheaper than iceberg lettuce. A head of iceberg lettuce at Coles has risen to $ 5.50, and a pack of 10 chicken nuggets at Hungry Jacks costs $ 4.95. Joel Gibson, CEO of One Big Switch, in a study by Frugl Grocery, found that food prices at Coles and Woolworths rose 2.6 percent from February 2021 to 2022. “We found that some individual goods grew 94 percent, and people found that their food bills doubled,” Gibson said. “Soft drinks, coffee, canned foods such as baked beans and canned spaghetti have suffered the most.” Meat, such as ground beef, has also risen in price, which means that people who initially chose cheaper options have suffered the most, “he said. Despite this, there are still ways to save money with rising prices. Here are 10 tips on how to save on groceries: Margaret Rafferty of Choice Australia said it’s important to consider where you shop, but don’t let that limit you. But more expensive supermarkets such as IGA will also have good promotions and discount stores such as The Reject Shop claims to be the cheapest post in Australia from 75 cents. ”Buy anything, especially if you know that it has a stable shelf life and it will last for a while, you should save up, ”she said. Ms. Rafferty said looking at unit prices is a useful way to compare products and is often more useful than buying things in bulk, especially if you have a small family. “We tested on Vegemite. The cheapest option at the time was a 380-gram jar, the unit price of which was $ 1.32 per 100 grams. Usually without special promotions, if you buy the largest size, you get the cheapest price. per unit on Vegemite. ”Australia’s chief executive of nutritionists Robert Hunt admits that buying fresh food is more expensive, but said buying seasonal food will make food cheaper. and cheap. So in the winter broccoli can cost $ 7 or $ 8 per pound. In the summer it’s $ 2, “Hunt said. Replacing is often the best way to lower the cost of living without sacrificing health and nutrition. Frozen vegetables are cheaper than fresh and last longer, while pre-cut fruits can cost five times more. “Look for cheaper pieces of meat, such as boneless chicken breasts, which are the most expensive type of chicken, but we’ve found that drumsticks are about three times cheaper than a pound,” said Ms. Rafferty. Canberran and author of The Joyful Frugalista Serena Byrd said that if you want to replenish fruits or vegetables for dinner, consider farmer market options rather than going to supermarkets.She said that if you go to Belconnen markets before they close, they regularly lower prices to get rid of stock balances. “It’s about making big stores in supermarkets and getting fresh produce from the markets to fill in the gaps,” she said. endu to use reusable hand washes, shampoo and conditioner and various detergents. “They all cost 100 milliliters less than the originals. The average savings were about 32 percent, so it’s worth paying attention to,” she said. READ MORE: Author Serena Byrd said she found it very helpful to do one big store every two to three weeks when the fridge has a list for the whole family that can be added at this time. “Constantly updating your shopping list means you won’t miss anything important, and ensures you really remember what you came for,” she said. Winter is the time to grow spinach, chard, parsley and arugula. Mrs. Byrd said she even managed to grow herbs such as parsley on the balcony of her shady apartment. In Canberra you can grow them on your nature strip. Mrs. Byrd also said that a good way to make sure you don’t spend too much is to keep track of your money in a spreadsheet or something. “Tracking your expenses is a good way to make sure you don’t actually spend too much on your purchases, and it lets you know exactly where you are financially,” she said. As prices continue to rise, food security is likely to become a challenge for more Australians. There are places that can help those who have difficulty eating. Serena Byrd believes that the Unification Church is “always ready to help, without shame.” Other places to seek help are OzHarvest and St John’s Kitchen on Kitchener Street, which provide cooked meals.


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