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Huddersfield 1-0 Luton (2-1 on Agg): Championship play-off semifinals – how it happened | Championship


Will Unwin was there to present this report on the match.

Jordan Rhodes, author of the chapters who has scored 200 goals in his career, and Sorba Thomas, a provider of 15 assists, is talking to Sky Sports.

JR: “Few words, these are special nights that you will remember for a lifetime.”

ST: “It’s weird. We are going there with great confidence, this man is here with 200 goals. ”

JR: “I’m just happy to be on the field to contribute. He did it all season, it’s nice that he’s back on the field. ”

ST: “I had to train in my sets and hit Jordan Rhodes in the back bar. The attacker’s instinct, that’s it. ”

JR: “He put on enough curls so we seniors could keep in touch.”

I’m sorry, Lutan. A great season remains without an award. And without attention in this pretty general tweet.

Congratulations from Huddersfield. Their fans celebrate to the sounds of Dave Clark Five and Blur. Sandstorm has done this work before.


This is the last game for terriers, when the guys won only one victory in the Premier League …

Congratulations to Lutan Town on an incredible 2021/22 season and with a brilliant pair of legs 👏@SportsBrokerHQ | #htafc pic.twitter.com/n0ItnrcrUq

– Huddersfield Town (@htafc) May 16, 2022

Full time: Huddersfield 1-0 Luton (2-1 ag.)

And Huddersfield going to Wembley. And will play either Sheffield United or Nottingham Forest. They were brought there by a combination of Thomas Sorb and Jordan Rhodes. Mayti Terriers are heading to London and to the largest and richest game in the world.

Harry Tofola (center) celebrates his victory with Huddersfield Town fans. Photo: Gareth Copley / Getty Images
Huddersfield Town fans are on the field at the end of the game.
There are people in the field … etc. Photo: Matt West / Shutterstock

90 + 4 minutes: Lord John Russell is killing time, and home fans are ready and eager to invade the field.

90 + 3 minutes: Lutan wasted the ball by playing it in the square instead of running it. Then get offside. It seems their spirit is broken. You would have to go crazy like a hatter to tip them.

90 + 2 min: Everything Huddersfield. Rhodes and O’Brien are trying to kill time in the corner. Then Mendes Gomes foul. Lutan will get it launched.

90 minutes: Lutan is trying to create an attack. Lots of forwards, no one to give them the ball to. Four minutes need to be added. Desperate times in Bedfordshire.

89 minutes: Lutan is annoyed, and Campbell, happy he hasn’t received a reservation before, pulls O’Brien. Adebayo, who clearly did not come, is going to come out instead of Lutan. He replaces Kornik. It had to be him … his first act was to defend the corner.

88 minutes: Huddersfield chase after another. And Pippa shoots from a long distance.

87 minutes: Luton’s change: Burke away, and Mendes Gomez, the wild card, is coming.

86 minutes: Huddersfield change: Sar comes, and Dwayne Holmes comes out.

84 min: The two boats there combined for Huddersfieldwho seem to be returning to Wembley. Lutan fell asleep behind, and Rhodes was the only player with a nose who didn’t want the ball to fall.

Goal! Huddersfield – Luton 1: 0 (2: 1) (Rhodes, 82)

Toffolo is trying overhead. Missing. Cameron Jerome got himself booked for a foul. And Huddersfield have a free kick. Thomas, a recruiting specialist, finds Jordan Rhodes, and the supreme ghost of the poacher passes by Bell and shuts him up.

Huddersfield Town's Jordan Rhodes scores and makes it 1-0.
Huddersfield Town’s Jordan Rhodes scores and makes it 1-0. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt / AMA / Getty Images
Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield celebrates with his teammates after opening the scoring.
Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield celebrates with his teammates after opening the scoring. Photo: Paul Greenwood / Shutterstock

81 minutes: Go back Huddersfield for more. The witch’s hour is approaching. Matt Ingram clears, and Tafola, this time without a foul, goes on the strike.

79 minutes: From end to end ….

77 minutes: Lutan from the penalty spot, and Bree takes it, forcing Rhodes to beat him from behind. All kinds of push for a corner. And then to the next one, when Rhodes fights again. Then Snodgrass takes time, frees up space and kills Kornik … no, fresh air. Serious lack of premium quality in the finish.

75 minutes: Chaos in Lutan’s Lodge. Ingram makes a great save after Rhodes creates a chance and then drops the ball and then crashes into Tafola. No VAR, no penalty. That would be a point shot with video help. The ball is now swinging around both boxes. Football!

Matt Ingram of Luton Town fights Harry Tofola of Huddersfield.
Matt Ingram of Luton Town fights Harry Tofola of Huddersfield. Photo: Jason Kerndaff / Action Images / Reuters

74 minutes: Hogg’s mistake misses Kornik, and Nichols makes a great save. Bree may return one, but it takes too long.

73 minutes: Now in abundance. Only one piece of inspiration, one mistake and cash registers start spinning in my head …

71 minutes: Lutan returned to power when Bell fouled. Snodgrass, the whip from the free kick that Jerome beats wide, falls. Only after the message was it necessary for someone else to follow it.

69 minutes: The corner of Snodgrass is cleared. Good, reliable protection does the job.

68 minutes: Lutan, who looked a little tired, threw the ball for a while. Kornik then kills the ball and it hits the corner.

66 minutes: Lutan’s change: Hilton leaves and then comes Cameron Jerome, a guy from Hudd by birth.

65 minutes: Colville keeps the ball in the net, but a foul on Sonny Bradley means he won’t count. Excellent delivery from Thomas, and there is a delay in the game, because the premature blue pyromaniac comes on the field.

64 minutes: Naismith warned Lutan by hitting Sorb Thomas in the back. Fala is now growing.

62 minutes: Poor from O’Brien, who admires the sloth when Campbell bounces the ball and makes a tiny brush past his ear. O’Brien behaves like a shot, stupid turf. This is a booking Huddersfield the player was lucky to escape.

61 minutes: Rhodes and Ingram jump for the ball, and, as always, the foul goes to goalkeeper Lutan. Huddersfield make the first change when Sinani leaves and then comes Sorba Thomas.

59 minutes: Several heart tackles are happening since Clark of Luton was warned for hitting Jordan Rhodes. There’s the first booking.

57 minutes: Prediction: this is extra time and penalties. Too fragile to find a target. We hope for a mistake and a personal tragedy for someone to come in.

55 minutes: Burke runs the ball down, and soon he returns to Lutan’s defense, as Naismith has to rush to clear.

53 minutes: Bell punches Lutan, and only the call of the defender does not allow him to see the goal well.

52 minutes: Luton’s attack is finally in this half, and the Fox must clear quite hastily. Snodgrass’s ball finds Burke, and then Hilton fouls on goalie Hudd. There are some after, but the water calms down pretty quickly.

50 minutes: Sinani is gaining momentum to shoot, but Matt Ingram is equal to the task at Lutan’s goal.

48 minutes: Read more Huddersfield striker. They have improved significantly since the first half. Lutan rolled back a little.

46 minutes: And back to the course. Huddersfield force an immediate angle. And they almost conjure a goal, with chaos in Lutan’s penalty area, and then the Fox can’t hold back his head.

Some EFL news before we get back to the course.

Half time: Huddersfield 0-0 Luton (1-1 ag.)

We close with a Huddersfield free kick after a foul by Rice Burke. Sinani is honored and beats him into the crowd by the end of the half. Lutan had the best chances, through Hilton and Campbell, and the best in the half. They can live up to what is lagging behind.

Danel Sinani of Huddersfield Town takes the free-kick.
Danel Sinani is trying to find the string z. Photo: Paul Curry / Shutterstock

45 minutes: Two minutes are added and it slows down a bit. The first 30 minutes suffocated.

43 minutes: Hudd’s fans are watching when Lutan organizes another attack. Their team worked hard to take a break without missing out.

41 minutes: Out is Jordan Rhodes, who played for Huddersfield

under the direction of Herbert Chapman
ten years ago before embarking on a journey.

40 minutes: Luton continues to press. They were great when shot. Oh dear, it seems to be for Danny Ward. He pulled up.

38 minutes: Ward is lame. But everything seems to be fine.

Richard Hearst gets in touch: “An important question of the day: how tall and thin he is Huddersfield City landlord? The picture at the top of the page is at his feet like a giraffe. By the way, as a Fulham fan, I can’t tell you how great it is not to feel the stress of the playoffs. Winning Wembley is a fantastic experience, but it’s even better not to. ” [pic now below]

Danny Ward of Huddersfield Town heads clear.
Danny Ward of Huddersfield Town heads clear. Photo: Paul Thompson / ProSports / Shutterstock


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