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‘Huge step forward’: Affordable housing plan is biggest change to sector in a decade, supporters say


Australia’s peak for low-income households has welcomed Labor’s $350 million plan to increase affordable homes, despite the Greens calling it a “complete joke” and a “scam”.
The Albanian government will use the money to build up to 20,000 affordable homes, co-investing with super funds and institutional investors and working with states and territories.

Australia’s Future Housing Fund will deliver an additional 30,000 social and affordable homes over five years.

It is part of a larger government plan to build one million “well-located” homes by the end of the decade.
Public Housing Industry Association chief executive Wendy Hayhurst said the policy statement was the most significant announcement for the sector in more than a decade.
“Australian housing is in crisis and needs a bold, decisive response. This initiative is a big step forward,” Ms Hayhurst said.

“Not only is the Commonwealth investing a significant amount, but it is encouraging states and institutional investors to get involved, helping to coordinate efforts. This gives public housing providers confidence and assurance and will enable the sector to expand to meet housing needs. low income Australians’.

National Asylum chief executive Emma Greenhalgh hailed the plan as “encouraging” and said more needed to be done to support those who commit violent acts.

“The Government must ensure that the one million homes that will be delivered will help people on the lowest incomes and those experiencing housing difficulties,” she said.

“The ability to provide housing that people can afford is vital to maintaining the health and well-being of people and communities.
“It’s a shame there hasn’t been a review or increase in Rental Housing Benefit or Income Support Payments when we know housing is now unaffordable.”

Unions also welcomed the deal, saying the injection would help ease upward pressure on house prices and rents.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions says using superannuation funds to attract private investment will lead to higher returns for clients.
Assistant Minister Scott Connolly said the unions will continue to fight to ensure that the investment resulting from the agreement also contributes to safe and secure construction jobs.

But Greens housing spokesman Max Chandler-Maser pointed out that the private sector had already built a million homes in the past five years.

“These houses would have been built anyway,” he said.
“The housing agreement looks like a complete fraud. Deregulation planning and handouts to the private sector for housing construction will not solve the housing crisis.

“The treasurer couldn’t even bring himself to call them affordable, instead calling them ‘well-situated houses’.


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