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Hugo Sanchez Identifies the Real Culprits Behind Mexico’s Copa America Failure


The failure of the Mexican national football team in the Copa America has reignited discussions about what needs to be done to improve not only the national team but also the entire structure of the Mexican Football Federation and Liga MX. The blame for Mexico’s early exit is being spread among the players and the technical direction under Jaime Lozano. However, Hugo Sanchez, perhaps the most significant figure in Mexican football history, believes the primary responsibility lies with the owners and directors.

During a segment on ESPN’s ‘Futbol Picante’ program, Sanchez specifically pointed out the owners and the federation as the main culprits behind the team’s struggles. He emphasized that the deeper issues within the organizational structure are what hinder progress and success.

This sentiment was echoed during a meeting at the facilities of the Mexican Football Federation, located on the outskirts of Toluca. The meeting, held on Wednesday morning, brought together the owners of Liga MX clubs to discuss the state of the national team and consider potential changes at the helm, with the next World Cup just two years away. However, the Assembly of Owners failed to reach a consensus on the future of Jaime Lozano as the head coach.

Adding to the turmoil, Lozano did not return to Mexico with the players and the rest of the coaching staff after their elimination against Ecuador in the group stage of the Copa America. This defeat follows another recent disappointment in the final of the last edition of the CONCACAF Nations League.

The ongoing issues point to a need for structural changes and a reevaluation of leadership within the Mexican Football Federation. The owners and directors must address these concerns to foster an environment where the national team can thrive and achieve consistent success on the international stage.