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“I love this game!” A Leeds United fan jumps around the living room after the Whites win


A Leeds United football fan from Telford, England, jumped up and screamed with joy after the announcement of Jack Harrison’s goal in the 94th minute, which secured his team a final place in the Premier League on 22 May. Kieran Maddox, run across the living room after Harrison’s winning goal that gave Leeds United another season in the Premier League. You can hear Kieran Maddox shout, “Oh, my heart. I love this game! ” Maddox told Storyful that he has been a Leeds fan for 30 years. He said he felt “pure joy and relief when avoiding relegation, with the injuries the team received, just recorded in the stars that we will get out”. Leeds United’s victory and Newcastle’s 2-1 defeat of Burnley did not allow Leeds to reach the EFL Championship, where the club spent 16 years from 2004 to 2020. Author: Emma Maddox through Storyful


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