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If X does more than marks the place


Colonel Rafels of the North Avoc believed he was resilient when he was the only member of the family who did not pick up the “virus” but did not. “Instead, he received the Butterfingers Award – he couldn’t even catch COVID.”

After receiving all the comments from IKEA (C8), Ian Flowers from Franklin was reminded of their decision to close all operations in Russia. “It would certainly be more efficient if they continued to sell all their goods in Russia, but without hex keys.”

All this talk about inflation is no joke, says Jack Deacon of Mosman. “It cost us almost $ 4,000 for a local vet to return a dollar coin that our three-month-old French bulldog thought was worth swallowing.”

A few machinations about the day of garbage from Keith Appleton of Wolfville: “Since our country house is quite far from the garbage collection point, I did the usual and hitched both containers to the old bike rack on the back to take them there to save by dragging them manually. Unfortunately, on the way to the checkpoint a friend greeted me and asked to drive to Yamba (about 4 km). Of course, I said and headed for Yamba. About 2km down the road I heard a loud squeak from the back of the tank. When I slowed down, four little black wheels overtook me. I forgot to throw out the containers, and since they weren’t designed for 70km / h, they both couldn’t be saved ”.

Peter Merrotti of Port Kennedy (VA) shares that quincunks (C8) is “also the name given to Galton’s board, a vertical triangular mass of pegs on which you can drop a large number of balls, resulting in a Gaussian model, normal or bell curve.” . Not enough? Peter adds that Galton’s board was invented by Charles Galton Darwin, grandson of Charles Darwin.

Elizabeth Hawkins of Normanhurst, having heard of the quinquinx (C8) as when planting a garden, but never seen it as a written word, appreciates this new educational program in column 8.

Another thanks to Steve Cornelius – Joe Rainbow of Orange. “Thanks for the clarification, Steve. And then I thought that quincunx (C8) is five traffic inspectors in the city. “

Graham Finn of Summer Hill believes we need to “stop the discussion about tea (C8) before we start arguing about turquoise / aqua color.” Believe it is done.


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