Home Business In an email, McLachlan called his colleague “Lucifer.”

In an email, McLachlan called his colleague “Lucifer.”


He said the terms “Lucifer” and “selfish” reflect his professional view of her at the time, in terms of her behavior in the theater, and he remained with her good friends beyond that professional view.

“This proof … is not true, is it?” Said Hodge.

“Yes, yes,” McLachlan said.

“You don’t call your friend Lucifer, do you agree with that?” Said Hodge.

“Friends call each other different, Mr. Hodge, especially in difficult times,” McLachlan said.

While his cross-examination continued, McLachlan was shown several videos from a Channel 7 documentary he starred in last year in which he recreates the charges against his actress Angela Scandi.

Skundi is expected to testify that McLachlan kissed her while they were on stage and shoved his tongue into her mouth, and when she confronted him behind the scenes, he angrily put his finger in her face and said he would kill her.

In a Channel 7 vision, McLachlan and his wife Vanessa Scamel briefly pecked at his mouth when McLachlan explained that this scene would not allow him to kiss his colleague passionately.

“I would not jeopardize my job,” McLachlan said in the vision. “Some people will hate me for saying that, I’m the star of a fucking show.”

Hodge then showed McLachlan a recording of a real stage scene showing a kiss with another actress that lingered longer than a kiss with his wife.

“It’s not an instant gossip, is it?” Said Hodge.


“It’s a fuck, Mr. Hodge, it’s not – if I may say – a pasha,” McLachlan said.

When the video passed again, McLachlan admitted that the kiss he demonstrated during the reconstruction with his wife was different from what was shown in the video from the performance.

Hodge suggested that McLachlan raised Ms. Skundi’s face during one speech “and, in your words, calm her down and put your tongue in her mouth.”

“No, it’s not,” McLachlan said.

He denied that there was a confrontation after the song when he became aggressive and furious and leaned over Skundi, sticking his finger in her face.

“You told her, ‘You’re fine, never talk to me like that again, I’ll kill you,'” Hodge said.

“I certainly don’t,” McLachlan said.

Hodge suggested that McLachlan had come up with a false story about the duration of the kiss to cover up the behavior he was doing that he knew was wrong.

“No, Mr. Hodge,” said McLachlan.

The hearing continues.

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