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In Australia, “much stronger” variants of Covid have been identified


Authorities have discovered two new variants of Covid in Australia, and one expert called them “much stronger” than the current dominant strain.

A shocking discovery occurred when a traveler from South Africa to New Wales was diagnosed with asthma. 4 variant Omicron – the first known case of this kind in Australia.

Victorian test rigs also found BA. 2.12.1 Omicron strain in Melbourne wastewater.

The original Omicron variant has been the dominant strain of Australia since its arrival in November 2021.

However, University of South Australia epidemiologist Adrian Esterman said the recently discovered strains were “more dominant” than their predecessor and could cause a new outbreak.

Camera iconAustralia has registered tens of thousands of cases a day since the arrival of Omicron. NCA NewsWire / Jan Curry Credit: News Corp Australia

“What we know about BA. 4 is that it seems to evade the immune system a little better than asthma. 2, so it means that people who have already been infected can be re-infected more easily, and people who have been vaccinated can be infected more easily, ”he told 7 News.

“This is happening right at the stage when we are canceling all health care measures. This is bad news. “

However, Professor Esterman said the huge surplus of positive cases over the past six months has given Australians good immunity against new strains.

“Now a lot of people are infected, and those who haven’t been infected probably have a pretty good immune system from vaccination, so we have little protection against the significant increase in cases from these two sub-options,” he said.

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Camera iconRapid antigen tests were lacking when the Omicron variant first spread across Australia. NewsWire / Sarah Marshall Credit: News Corp Australia

The case was discovered by PCR test on Thursday after the traveler arrived in Australia in the first week of April.

“This is not a random sample, so the proportion of identified options does not necessarily reflect their prevalence in society,” – said in NSW Health.

“Health NSW Health continues to closely monitor developments with COVID-19.”

The Australian has recorded tens of thousands of cases every day since the first discovery of Omicron in November 2021.

It has since been found to be much more infectious but less severe than previous strains of Covid.


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