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In Kiev, policemen fired at drones, as Ukraine claims, most of them were shot down


The Ukrainian military said about 26 of the roughly 40 drones that targeted Kyiv and other areas on October 16-17 were shot down before hitting their targets. In several videos taken Monday morning in Kyiv, small arms fire can be heard as policemen shoot at drones. One group of officers described on video how they managed to take down at least one. Footage here shows police firing near the iconic 101 Tower in Kyiv before a loud explosion rang out. Another video taken nearby shows more shooting at the drone. An explosion is heard again, and the explosion is seen in the same location as in the first video. It is unclear from the video what, if any, shots were fired at the barricades that were seen to shoot down the drone. At least three people were killed as a result of a single strike on a residential building in Kyiv, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Kirill Tymoshenko said. Credit: Kyiv Police via Storyful


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