Home World ‘In time’ Queen Consort Camille may be known as ‘Queen’

‘In time’ Queen Consort Camille may be known as ‘Queen’


ITV News royal editor Chris Shipp says that as time goes on we’ll probably start calling Queen Consort Camilla just ‘the Queen’.

“There was a story a while ago that some newspapers might start referring to her as ‘the queen’ rather than ‘the queen consort,'” he told Sky News presenter Paul Murray.

‚ÄúTechnically that’s her title, she’s legally Queen and she always intended to be, even before the late Queen Elizabeth announced earlier this year that she wanted Camilla to be known as Queen Consort.

“I think she’s very happy with the title ‘Queen Consort’ at the moment, but of course we’ll start calling them King and Queen as time goes on.”


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