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Incident with West Coast Eagles nightclub, Trevor Nisbet, CEO, players involved, what happened, Covid protocols, team problems, consequences


Enraged West Coast CEO Trevor Nisbet is “disgusted” by reports that there were more than two Eagles at a popular location in Perth last weekend, after players were specifically told to avoid nightclubs over the weekend.

It turned out that Jackson Nelson and Josh Roth were not alone playing at the Hip-E Club in Leaderville just 24 hours after losing to Richmond with 109 points: Jake Waterman photographed, and young duo Rath Bazo and Campbell Chaser also participated as 9 News .

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With the team already devastated by injuries and absences due to Covid protocols, the last thing the Eagles could afford was the exclusion of more players.

But Nelson was one of eight changes made to the team to confront Brisbane, after AFL Covid protocols were pushed aside.

Lions beat Eagles! | 01:26

West coach Adam Simpson – also absent due to Covid protocols – spoke on Friday about the club’s disappointment in the players ’decision to host the party.

However, Nisbet lit a blowtorch on interested players.

“I was disgusted, to be honest,” Nisbet told Sportsday radio.


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West Coast CEO Trevor Nisbet was “disgusted” by the decision of several players to go to a nightclub. (Image by AAP / Richard Wainwright)Source: AAP

“It’s something you just don’t think is going to happen with all the education and what we’ve been doing for the last two and a half years.

“From the club’s point of view, we are still conducting an investigation to find out why the players did so, and the second part is to find out if there are other players. And this has consequences. “

As the team is on its knees in terms of player availability, Nisbett acknowledged that the dismissal of players in the near future is unlikely due to the “terrible situation” in which the club found itself.

However, the CEO was surprised by the players’ decision to visit the nightclub, believing that there were “no explanations” that could justify it.

The Eagles have now “lost all sympathy.” 01:56

“They know the circumstances we face as a football club and the circumstances they put us in when we took an eight-day break,” Nisbet said.

“They can justify themselves as much as they want, but it’s just not enough for elite athletes in these circumstances.

“Our players have been given specific instructions not to be in nightclubs. No excuse.

“There is no explanation that can explain this, although they can say many things and reasons why – there is no excuse, because they were given specific instructions and recommendations.”

Simpson is enraged by a visit to the Eagles Club 00:57

Substitute coach Matthew Knights said he had not spoken to Waterman and Roth, who both played in the match against Brisbane, about their decision to leave.

“This will be taken care of by other people in the right places, who are overseeing this element of the investigation, which will be investigated next week,” he said after the game.

“I was here to coach the football team.

West Coast Press Conference | 10:29

“(Talk about behavior will be) next week to take care of the right people.”

The Eagles’ investigation into the nightclub outing continues.


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