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Informant: Beware of the moonless, starless, biblical black night District News


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As hard as it may be to believe, the flood threat facing NSW tonight has a tinge of “old South Wales”. It was the most literary of Welsh legends, Dylan Thomas, who wrote: “It’s spring, a moonless night in a small town, starless and black as the Bible …”. If it had been used in a podcast in 2022 rather than as the first lines in the 1954 radio show Under Milk Wood, it couldn’t have been more appropriate. Because that’s almost what today will be for many on the east coast of Australia – not in the spring, but definitely without the moon, probably without the stars and perhaps biblically. And, of course, by fate, all this combined with dangerous predictions happens on the night of the new moon. NSW up and down communities are a concern. Lismar hopes the worst is over in the north of the New Southeast, devastated by floods. Thousands face destruction; many are now homeless – including Julie Widler – and unfortunately the death toll continues to rise when a fourth body is found in Lismore. The Nepian River in southwest Sydney has risen seven meters in the last 12 hours, tonight there will probably be more water, major floods are expected on Sydney’s rivers. NSW SES advises residents of southwest Sydney to evacuate in the coming hours. Illawarra, a little further south, blocked the flood, and more savagery is expected tonight. Landslides and floods not only affected traffic, but also caused chaos in the train network. There are already talks about flood bills in excess of $ 1 billion in both New Wales and Queensland. And nearly 150,000 claims for disaster relief have already been requested in Queensland and the north of the New South-East when it rains to the south. Much of the flood-affected south-east Queensland today is focused on cleaning up, but parts of Brisbane and Logan remain isolated. The defense forces deliver food and medicine to them by helicopter. In other news, after spending nearly 700 days abroad, WA is ready to finally welcome all vaccinated travelers. About 5,000 people will arrive on Thursday for 22 domestic and five international flights, with tens of thousands expected to arrive in the coming weeks. One of those who will not be interested in this news is Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He will work from home after a positive COVID test. Remember COVID? Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? SUBSCRIBE HERE NEWS, YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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