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Leaving the court after his client, a Northern Territory police officer, was acquitted today of killing an Aboriginal teenager, attorney David Edwardson told QC: “There are no winners.” After nearly five weeks of testimony from more than 40 witnesses, Zachary Rolf was found not guilty of murder in connection with the shooting of Kumanjai Walker in the remote Yuendum Desert. NT’s ACM reporter, Sarah Matthews, wrote: “Light applause was heard from the right side of the court, while Kumanjai Walker’s supporters were silent.” Shortly after the courtroom was cleared, the cries of the Warlpiri community, which came to Darwin from Yuendum in support of Mr Walker, could be heard from inside. That death will unfortunately stop people on their way at night – the death of Labor Senator Kimberly Kitching, a 52-year-old woman who was so respected that some of the country’s most conservative voices joined Labor MPs in her favor. Sky News commentator Rita Panahi called her a “soldier for Australia,” and Andrew Bolt said, “He’s the one who had the courage … he’s the politician who challenges his party to fight for the right thing.” And there is COVID. Who knew 730 days could feel that way? That’s how much has passed since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. Whether flying or stretching To assumptions and personal experience, suffice it to say, life is completely different now. Remember when Delta was just another letter in the Greek alphabet or some random American airline mentioned in the movies? Ah, the good old days. This newsletter was coined by Gail Tomlinson, who is now the editor of Illawarra Mercury. It was first published on March 23, 2020 and hits your inbox twice a day. As COVID has become unchanged in our lives, our reach has expanded and we have calmed down from these emails. But if you had been an adoptive parent before, you would have received more than 630 editions of The Informer. And as new voices prepare to write in this space instead of me, it seems perfectly reasonable to go full circle. On March 23, 2020, The Informer shared news of the growing number of cases around the world, the closure of English schools and the posting of rainbows to lift the spirits. The headline was, “Give hope, but do it from home.” These rainbows are still very much needed. Just maybe not a natural variety at the moment because they need rain. And, frankly, now we have everything a little because of the rain. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? SUBSCRIBE HERE NEWS, YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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