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Informant: What happens happens again and again District News


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And here we are again. The focus is on the character of our political leaders – and, indeed, the entire political class. Wasn’t that a great story last week? You know, when Labor fought back claims, the late Senator Kimberly Kitching fell victim to internal party bullying. Now in the frame is the Prime Minister, who is leaving the Liberal Senator Concetta Fieravanti-Wales accused of hooliganism. The senator’s rocket, launched late into the budget in the evening, assured that the sale of the prime minister to voters was difficult, if not completely overshadowed the next morning. Is this some kind of tight loop of time? Of course, it seems so on the north coast of NSW, again under water as the flood returns. Evacuation orders have been issued in many cities and towns, many of which are still feeling flooded last month. It is difficult to imagine the suffering of those who are in an emergency. Just as it was during the Black Summer forest fires on the south coast of NSW, the turbocharged climate is the main suspect in what could be called sunken in the fall of 2022. But if you’re looking for a clue as to where government policy on climate change is being pursued – or not – it’s not to expect CSIRO to be too sympathetic. At least not publicly. David Caroli, a former CSIRO chief scientist at the Center for Climate Science, says he was silenced by public statements about the failures of the government’s climate policy. Subscribers to The Canberra Times can read more about it here. Move, there is nothing to see? Quiet Australians? Is it quiet, Australians? Don’t try to tell angry and tired NSW nurses to keep quiet. They took to the streets again in Sydney and across all regions to demand better nursing-patient ratios and pay. Many went on strike for 24 hours in violation of an order from the New Wales Labor Commission. This is the second strike in seven weeks and they say they will do it again and again. With the rise in deaths and hospitalizations, COVID seems to be also looking to go out for an encore. COVID-related staff shortages have forced one school in Canberra to switch to distance learning per week. Concerns that the following may be forced. And, of course, where you have COVID, you also have “cooks” – like famous anti-vaxers, gimtrail gurus and 5G-sellers. They have been annoying our capital for seemingly an eternity, and police warn that they are likely to do so in a precautionary state – at least until the first severe frost sends them to pack up. Me? I walk off this treadmill for a few hours. I have a stack of old Bruce Willis movies to review. NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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