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Informant: When the boots on the ground are calm District News


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As thousands of Australians face a catastrophe created by Mother Nature, the human victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remain in the spotlight internationally. The situation in New Wales is so serious that Prime Minister Dominique Perotte has issued an urgent warning about the need to evacuate people as the situation is expected to worsen later this week. Hundreds of people in the north of the state remained on the roofs for several hours as state and federal emergency services fought for access to the affected areas. Four planes of the Australian Defense Forces are waiting to join the rescue effort, and RFS strike teams are also involved in what has been described as a “natural disaster of unprecedented proportions”. Shortly before 3 p.m., the Bureau of Meteorology said the height of the Wilson River in Lismore was 14.37 meters, but could rise further. The previous peak was 12.27 m in 1954. The news is not brighter in Queensland, where a man from the Gold Coast and his dog died when the flood crisis in Queensland moves south. A 50-year-old man and his dog were killed when their car was torn down by torrential rain at around 3am on Monday. His death was the eighth death toll from floods in southeast Queensland as rising water levels flooded thousands of homes and businesses. Earlier in the afternoon, the Brisbane Story Bridge was closed after the pontoon on which the crane was located escaped from the berth. And other states are also dealing with wild weather. Residents of Eastern Tasmania are warned to prepare for strong thunderstorms and potentially dangerous floods in some areas. The situation in Ukraine is no less tense, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military command to bring nuclear forces into high combat readiness. This statement does not mean that Russia intends to use weapons, but the condemnation was immediate. The United States called it an “unacceptable escalation.” Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? SUBSCRIBE HERE NEWS, YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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