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Inside one of the most audacious attempts in Kangaroo history


With Fox offering little, which is a rarity in itself, Burton spoke to reporters at the last minute on the cusp of his Kangaroos debut.

“I didn’t have to do much and I didn’t know where it was going. I just pushed it in and hoped for the best,” he said, confirming he had no idea Ado-Karr would be on hand to score the ball.

“I bumped into the bollards in the corner. I turned around and hoped he was done with it. When they went back to the video ref, I thought, ‘God, I hope my foot is there’, so I breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s funny, as soon as we got back to the barns I thought, ‘I’ve seen that somewhere before.’ And I just remembered the movie GI, and I thought, “That’s crazy how that happened.”

“You can’t beat speed, [Addo-Carr] too fast. He was outstanding tonight with four tries and he deserved them all.”

Coach Mal Meningo knows how to get around an impressive tryout. Along with the Inglis-Gasnier combination, his famous 1990 Ashes last-minute try was also used as a comparison to Addo-Carr’s effort.


“What was that?” he said. “You put me in my place and there have been a lot of great tries in international rugby league. But I think it’s there.

“It was wonderful. That’s what happens when you have such talented players. Burto between the legs, back to Fox.

“Fox hits the sideline, he has to be quick and he scores in the corner. It’s a tournament effort.”


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