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Inside the new Squarespace campaign: an interview with Guy Borchert


Squarespace has just launched a new Australian-specific advertising campaign that shows the site’s ability to help even the most creative entrepreneurs. Guy Borchert, senior creative director of Squarespace, shared some thoughts on the company, the creator economy and marketing in Australia.

Borchert said the campaign is designed to show that Squarespace can help anyone monetize their ideas online. The ad presents “exaggerated” examples of products and business ideas to show that “Squarespace can help anyone with an idea”.

“These character studies play with humorous archetypes to prove it,” Borchert says.

“We were inspired by the ups and downs of the ideological path that many novice business owners and entrepreneurs go through.

“We know [entrepreneurs] you have a lot of ideas, but they don’t always take the next step to bring them to life, so we used humor to show Australians that you can really monetize anything – be it your time, content, space or product. In the end, it was about showing that Squarespace is next to you if you come up with this winning idea and want to put it online. ”

Creator’s Economy

The company is entering a growing market – the economy of creators. The explosion of social networks and the production of online content has led to the growth of a new kind of entrepreneurs. This new market includes YouTube users, TikToker, influential users, bloggers and anyone whose social presence is their bread and butter. And they need their own unique tools and allies to help make the most of their content.

According to Borchert, “Squarespace talks to anyone who has an idea or a business dream. They can be beginners and entrepreneurs, small business owners and creative people. “

“Our new company, of course, meets the needs [the Creator Economy] “Those who want to monetize their online presence and take it to the next level through membership, the sale of goods, advice or content,” he said.

Squarespace not only helps with online shopping – it offers a whole set of tools for entrepreneurs of a new kind.

Targeting the Australian market

Borchert and the Squarespace creative team acknowledged that there are unique challenges to consider when addressing the Australian market.

“Tal-Mak syndrome, in particular, is exclusively Australian and can occur in the form of people who underestimate themselves and their ideas,” says Borchert. “It’s interesting because Australians actually have some of the best and most creative business ideas in the world – it’s just to strengthen their confidence to make those dreams come true. Squarespace and the Australians are ideal partners in this regard, as we allow anyone to stand out online and sell any great idea you have. ”

To help Australians overcome the scary pruning of flowers, Squarespace will take the initiative to support three Australian businesses.

“In May, we really have an exciting initiative where we will reward three new Australian businesses with grants that take their business to the next level,” Borchert said. “So stay tuned.”

If you have a growing (or expanding) online business, make sure Squarespace can help you grow. For Borchert and the rest of the Squarespace team, no idea is too wild.


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