Home World “Insolent” Albanian believes that the election is “over”: the Prime Minister

“Insolent” Albanian believes that the election is “over”: the Prime Minister


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that Anthony Albanese is “getting a little cheeky” as the opposition leader announced that he and Penny Wong will be sworn in immediately on Sunday if Labor wins the government.

Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong will immediately be sworn in as Australia’s prime minister and foreign minister if Labor can win the government this weekend.

The opposition leader said he and Ms. Wong would travel to Tokyo on Monday for a quadripartite meeting with the leaders of the United States, India and Japan.

“He seems to be getting a little arrogant, it seems like the election has already taken place and we saw it the last time we had the last election,” Mr Morrison told a news conference in Victoria on Wednesday.

“Mr Albanese seems a little ahead of himself and the Australians will make that decision, Anthony, you can’t take it before the election.”


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