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Interior Ministry mayors show views on Murray member Helen Dalton’s breakup with shooters, fishermen and farmers | District News


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MAYORS from all over the Interior Ministry reacted to the news that Murray member Helen Dalton is abandoning her political party. Mrs. Dalton and the Party of Riflemen, Fishermen and Farmers agreed to part ways last week, and now the MP remains independent. She plans to seek re-election as an independent country next year, when the next state election is scheduled. The move came amid claims from both the SFF and Mrs. Dalton that there were many inconsistencies on both sides. Although the political drama in the state continues to unfold, mayors from across the region hope it will not affect Mrs. Dalton’s ability to represent Murray’s electorate. “I don’t believe it will affect our count,” said Litana Mayor Tony Renecker. “I think we all want a local member who is a champion and supports our affairs.” We have always had a good relationship with Helen and we expect it to continue. ”Ms. Dalton said how independent she has the opportunity to always vote for the benefit of his community. Griffith City Council Mayor Doug Quran, who was elected late last year, said nothing had changed on his part. READ MORE “We still want to work with Helen and any level of government,” he said. We are always looking forward to an open dialogue with government officials who can improve the situation for our residents. ”“ As a council, we are working to rebuild our relationship with Helen, which probably hasn’t been the best for a while, but we wish her all the best as long as she overcomes this hurdle. “Meanwhile, Murambidji Council Mayor Ruth McRae hoped that Mrs. Dalton would remain true to her word and represent Murray and his people.” In the comments I read, Helen felt then she will be able to have a greater level of interaction and influence as an independent person, so I hope so, ”she said. “I think sometimes she’s been very upset that she can say valuable things, but feels like everything stays on deaf ears.” I hope her desire, which is more interaction and a high degree of influence, really is due to the fact that it has become independent ”.


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