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International cuisine icon Nigel Lawson has announced a new MKR co-host


International culinary star and domestic goddess Nigel Lawson will be a key component of stepping up the return of the Rules of My Kitchen.

The British presenter and author, who has been a major on our screens for two decades and has sold over eight million copies of her cookbooks, has been announced as the new host of the culinary reality show Seven along with longtime presenter Manu Feildel.

After a two-year break in the series as a result of the coup, the contestants were able to try to impress her.

Nigel Lawson becomes viral for pronunciation in the microwave

Nigel Lawson becomes viral for pronunciation in the microwave

The beloved cook has loyal fans, including 2.7 million Instagram followers, and she said she took the chance to be invited to people’s homes and try their most expensive dishes.

“Of course, visiting restaurants can be fun, but for me the real story of food is told through what we cook at home,” she said.

“So the opportunity to become a champion home cook and get the intimate privilege of being invited into people’s homes to eat their food fills me with gratitude and excitement equally.”

After meetings were limited during the pandemic, Lawson said he felt “emotionally resonant” to re-share the dining experience with others.

Camera iconNigel Lawson. Credit: supplied/supplied

“Inviting people to their homes is not only a gift of food, but also to trust people’s life stories, and it comes to the essence of what makes them tick who they are,” she said.

“I’m also looking forward to learning about someone else’s culinary heritage and trying dishes that may not have been encountered before.”

Feildel said he was happy to sit at the head of the MKR table along with Lawson.

“As judges of MKR, we create the perfect team with our many years of experience in professional and home kitchens respectively. And as lovers of delicious food and fabulous dinner, I can promise you that we will also have a lot of fun. Come on, ”he said.

However, Lawson added that she would watch out for the arrogance of the French chef.

“He really makes me laugh because he can be very funny and, yes, a little cheeky, so I hope he doesn’t tease me too much. I know he will, but I think I can handle it. I look forward to the challenge, ”she said.

“But seriously, being able to work with him and learn from him is a great honor. I can’t wait. “

Award-winning journalist and TV presenter Matt Preston is also joining the show this season, and celebrity chefs Colin Fasnige and Curtis Stone are returning as guest judges.

On the eve of her adventure, which she called “the journey of discovery”, Lawson said she would watch the food, which “fills me with admiration and conveys something substantial and true about the chefs.”

“I feel very strongly that home cooks should always remember that our goal should be to please, not to impress,” she said.

Lawson will return to Australia soon, and filming will begin next month.

MKR will appear on channels 7 and 7plus in 2022.

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