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Inzaghi hopes ahead of an unpredictable last day


After Milan beat Atalanta 2-0 at San Siro, the Nerazzurri had to win in Sardinia to avoid conceding their crown to their opponents, but Martinez followed in the second half when Matteo Darmian made double in the second half when Inter declared a tough 3-1 victory to keep their hopes intact.

Now Inter have won seven of their last eight league games, but must beat Sampdoria and hope that Sassuola will beat Rossoneri on the last day to win their 20th Premier League title.

Inzaghi won one Serie A title in his playing career, scoring when Sven Goran Eriksson’s Lazio won a dramatic title triumph on the last day of the 1999-00 season, defeating Regina 3-0 and overcoming a two-point deficit. Juventus, who lost 1-0 to Perugia.

The former striker says the success is proof that anything can happen on the last day, and praised his team for a sustained game a few days after the win over Juventus to win the Italian Cup.

“Another game is missing, the team believes in it. We know it has already happened, it has already happened to me,” Inzaghi said.

“We believe in it to the end and we will prepare it in the best way. Today we had a very good game two days after the celebration of the trophy. Before us was the Cagliari team that played for survival and nothing was taken for granted, but I have a great team.

“I won the Scudetto against Lazio, two points behind [with one game left] and Juventus lost to Perugia on the last day. In football, you should never give up, we have always shown it. “

Inter’s win means they have scored 39 points in their 19 away games in Serie A this season, as much as they earned by winning the title led by Antonio Conte last season.

This is the third away return of the Nerazzurri in a single season (in an era of three points per win), after they scored 49 points in 2006-07 and 43 in 2019-20.

In a conversation with DAZN immediately after the victory Inzaghi also praised the hero with two goals Martinez after his victory in the match.

“I think he has scored 25 goals this year. He has scored 13 goals in the last 13. The team has put him in a position to score, he is a champion, he is very important to us and to the team,” he said.

“He was good because even in the period when he couldn’t kill, he worked hard and now you see the results.”

Martinez’s 25 goals in all competitions this season are at least eight better than any other Nerazzurri player (Edin Dzek is second out of 17), and the Argentine is only the sixth Inter player to score 20 goals. in Serie A season before turning 25, followed by Giuseppe Meazza, Sandra Mazzola, Antonio Angelilo, Ronaldo and Mauro Icardi.

While the striker has admitted that Inter have lost points in games they were supposed to win this season, he also hopes for a dramatic triumph on the last day of next Sunday.

“We lost points in matches in which we performed well, but in every competition we played good football and did the right job,” said the striker.

“The lost points are behind us, now the last home game with our fans and we have to finish the championship in the best way.”


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