Italian beauty and sophistication Alfa Romeo

The history of Alpha began in 1906, when a small company was created near Milan to assemble light French Darracq cars. But in Italy they were in poor demand, and in 1910, the Italian brand Alfa Romeo was born there, near Milan.

The emergence of the company dates back to 1906, when Alexander Darrakk, a former automotive engineer (born in France), founded the company SAID, having done this with the support of Italian investors, one of them – Hugo Stella – was an influential aristocrat, and after 3 years became the chairman of the company .

The beginning of the company was laid in Naples, but later it was decided to build the plant in Milan, since Darrakk was more convenient due to this city. For the construction of the factory, a plot of 6,700 m² was purchased in the suburbs of the capital of Lombardy – the town of Portello. However, the cars of this company were sold very slowly, which prompted Hugo Stella to found his own company – Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. However, A.L.F.A. still in collaboration with SAID.

As for the ornate emblem, it was invented as a combination of a red cross on a white field, which personified success and enterprise (there is also reason to attribute that cross to the memory of the crusaders), and also a snake that swallows a person. The snake is the emblem of the Visconti family, which previously owned the whole of Lombardy.

In general, Alfa Romeo initially set a course for the manufacture of powerful, fast and reliable cars. And to confirm this status, the company’s models almost immediately began to take part in prestigious races. They were piloted by Ronzoni and Franchini.

Alfa Romeo is a modern and dynamically developing automobile corporation. Her models are still distinguished by swiftness, grace and nobility. No wonder the world-famous Formula 1 racers Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikonen chose this brand for everyday driving. The first bought an Alfa 159 and Sportwagon GTA, and the second preferred the Brera sports coupe, recognized as the “Most Beautiful Car in the World”!

The Alfa Romeo logo is considered one of the best car emblems in the history of graphic design, despite the fact that the symbol has undergone numerous changes over the years. Its earliest version was introduced in 1910. It is believed that the sign depicts the coat of arms of the Visconti family, which at that time was the most influential and respected family in Milan. The emblem also featured the traditional red cross on a white background.

Initially modest in size and without state support since 1933, the brand could die more than once, or, even worse, fall into the hands of foreign owners. But in 1987 it was acquired by Fiat, and 10 years later, Alfa cars with their unchanged “trefoil” formed by a triangular radiator grille with “petals” on the sides, again acquired their former “sexual” appeal. Alfa Romeo demonstrated this ability to revive like a Phoenix bird – its fifth feature – by recently introducing the latest 8C Competizione, which, literally and figuratively, became the link between the brand’s glorious past, its encouraging present, and, we hope, an equally glorious future: 500 copies of this exclusive sports car will find their owners the minute they appear.

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