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Jacques Lambie: Former employees lost an unfair dismissal


Two former employees of the senator of Tasmania Jacques Lambie learned about their fate in court after the unfair dismissal of the politician.

Former Tasmanian Senator Jacques Lambie’s staff lost their unfair dismissal case against the politician when a judge accused them of their behavior.

Former Chief of Staff Rob Messenger and his wife Fern, who also worked for the senator, have filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth and Ms. Lambie in federal court.

They claimed they were fired in 2017 in retaliation for numerous complaints about Ms. Lambie’s behavior.

The couple claimed that her inappropriate behavior in the office included swearing, sexual assault, drinking alcohol, taking security issues seriously and expecting unreasonable loads from staff.

During the lengthy hearing, the couple represented interests in court.

But on Friday, Judge John Snaden dismissed the lawsuit.

According to him, none of the reasons for action against the politician or the Commonwealth has been clarified.

“Envoys have sometimes been unable to contain the obvious personal animosity they hold against Senator Lambie,” Judge Snaden wrote in his ruling.

According to him, the couple cited as evidence things that were “very inappropriate”, and some of them were “scandalous in themselves” and had no significance for consideration.

“Despite repeated warnings, the Envoys were sometimes determined to turn the trial into some sort of extensive judicial investigation in the nature of Senator Lambie, or, worse, in the media process,” Judge Snaden said.

Originally published as Former Tassie Senator Jacques Lambie’s staff loses unfair dismissal lawsuit


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